Tom Hua 著 (关于作者) 电子书的格式为PDF。您可以在个人电脑或苹果机使用的操作系统中正常查看或打印。 没错,由最畅销作者Tom Hua所著,《电子书的力量》注定让因特网沸腾! Tom Hua精通信息产品营销,《电子书的力量》字字为金,决非其他模仿者所能复制。 Tom生动地描述所有细节,并分享了几乎所有的内幕交易的秘密,教授别人如何创建信息产品帝国。 本书以Tom的亲身经历为基础,为网络新手讨论各种吸引流量的办法,并分析其实现手段。 Tom仔细阐述他是如何一步一步创建价值20万美元的电子出版业务,并展示如何创建自己的电子书力量。Tom说:“在网上冲浪,你会发现科技变化的速度如此惊人。”

Tom Hua (About the author) The format of the e-book is PDF. You can view or print it normally on the operating system used by your PC or Mac. That’s right, by the best-selling author Tom Hua, “The Power of E-books” is destined to make the Internet boil! Tom Hua is well versed in the marketing of information products. The word “power of e-books” is gold, which is not copied by other imitators. Tom vividly describes all the details and shares the secrets of almost all insider trading, teaching others how to create an information product empire. Based on Tom’s personal experience, this book discusses various ways to attract traffic for network novices and analyzes their means of implementation. Tom elaborated on how he created the $200,000 e-publishing business step by step and showed how to create his own eBook power. Tom said: “When surfing the Internet, you will find that the speed of technological change is so amazing.”

You will learn a lot about e-books from Tom:

•电子书为何如此给力 •如何找电子书 •如何写电子书 •如何销售电子书 •卖出电子书后,怎样持续创造收入 •五个独特的方式,助你销售电子书 •简单十步撰写自己的电

子书 •深入调查各种电子书编译器 •如何将电子书变为营销利器 •不做推广,如何让电子书成为赚钱利器

• Why e-books are so powerful • How to find e-books • How to write e-books • How to sell e-books • How to continue to generate income after selling e-books • Five unique ways to help you sell e-books • Write your own in ten easy steps Electricity Sub-books • In-depth investigation of various e-book compilers • How to turn e-books into marketing tools • No promotion, how to make e-books a profitable tool

Electronic information is often given for free and sold or downloaded at very low prices. This trend has not diminished. Instead, people often search for information online.

No matter where you live or when, the Internet is open 24 hours for people to search for information. The Internet will never go out of business, and you should do the same. Have your own version right away.