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1.  The car market in the US is very soft so you can now buy export cars at fantastically low prices.  It is a buyers market!
2.  The devaluation of the dollar has created “cheap” prices for overseas buyers of export cars.  They cannot believe the low prices of US vehicles.  They want US export cars!
3.  The big demand from overseas buyers are American SUVs and fully loaded pickup trucks which you can now purchase for very low prices because of our economy.

1.美国的汽车市场非常软,所以你现在可以以极低的价格购买出口汽车。 这是一个买家市场!
美元贬值为出口汽车的海外买家创造了“便宜”的价格。 他们无法相信美国汽车的低价。 他们想要美国出口汽车!

Here’s your opportunity to take advantage of our weak economy!
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