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Planning Your Business Success[edit]

Failure to Plan = Planning to Fail Dear Reader, Did that headline shock you just a little bit?  Do you feel outrage?  After all, no one "plans to fail" right?  Wrong!  It may even be a subconscious choice, but people do fail at business.  They  do it every day.  As soon as things get a bit rocky, they quit.  It's a sad testimony to entrepreneurs everywhere but it's true nonetheless. What a shame that is.  "Joe" begins with a spark of an idea for a new business.  It may well be a very viable idea.  He gets caught up in the excitement of the moment and takes off running. The problem?  He started running before he ever walked.  You've heard about that road which is paved with good intentions."  Well, Joe fails because he never created a plan to succeed.  Happens every day.   Do you have an idea for a business?

Don't make Joe's mistake. Plan to succeed.  Approach your idea with passion, of course, but pave your road with good intentions.  In sure your success by preparing a well thought out business plan. Don't just throw money, time and effort into an idea without due diligence.  You may mix the best bbq sauce on the planet.  Your friends love it!  Your family thinks it's the best there is!  The neighbors want to buy it! Is there really a market for your home made concoction.  What does it cost to prepare it? How much will your packaging cost? What does the FDA say about preparing and bottling your own sauce? Where are you going to mix and bottle it?  How much will advertising the product set you back? These are all valid issues. Listen, just about anyone can become a success in business.  It takes passion and knowledge.  You will have to provide your own passion.  However, we can help you with the knowledge. What if you could . . . Learn how to write the perfect business plan. Discover a plan for your marketing. Power up your pricing strategy. Unearth the secrets to making a positive impression. Find out how other people see you. Create a visual plan. All of this is possible.  You just need a little "know-how" and we can show you that in one simple guide, "Planning Your Business Success."

How to become a top salesman[edit]

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