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Hongyuan 30W stainless steel tube high-grade electric iron constant temperature adjustable household electric welding pen Luo iron welding tool soldering iron soldering gun welding pen / 1
PBT plastic handle, fast heat dissipation; novel design, stable performance, stainless steel casing, high quality double coil heating design, to prevent local temperature increase

宏远30W 不锈钢管高档电烙铁恒温可调温家用电焊笔洛铁焊接工具烙铁焊锡枪电焊笔 /1支

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钢盾 手电筒 1W 3节7号电池 变形金刚超亮LED 强光 远射 战术防水防身 户外照明/1支

• 外壳采用铝合金包塑特别设计,结实耐用• 进口超亮CREE LED灯珠,使用寿命100000小时以上• 特有防雨淋防震设计

Steel Shield Flashlight 1W 3 Section 7 Battery Transformers Super Bright LED Strong light long-range tactical waterproof self-defense outdoor lighting / 1 • The shell is specially designed with aluminum alloy plastic, durable • Imported super bright CREE LED lamp beads, service life 100000 More than an hour • Unique rain and shockproof design

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[Combination] Wankebao Two-color plastic knife 9mm/3
High-quality aluminum alloy handle, steel tube wall thickness of 1.2mm, sturdy and durable.

【组合装】万克宝 双色包塑美工刀 9mm/3把


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公牛 LED筒灯3.5W 暖白光 防雾照Bull LED Downlight 3.5W

Warm White Light Anti-fog Light MT-A13R51-WW/1明灯 MT-A13R51-WW/1只


Double anti-strobe, aluminum lamp body heat dissipation, restore true color, detail craftsmanship shows quality.

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