Sheffield Pliers 钢盾 直齿大力钳 7″

• 钳口采用优质铬钒钢锻造,韧性好• 手柄可快速锁定和释放,夹持工件不变形• 安全释放结构保证工作更安全• 螺杆微调纽,容易调整到最佳尺寸且不变形

Sheffield Pliers Steel Shield Straight Tooth Pliers 7′′/1

• The jaws are forged from high-quality chrome vanadium steel for good toughness • The handle can be quickly locked and released, the workpiece is not deformed • The safety release structure ensures safer work • The screw is fine-tuned, easy to adjust to the optimum size and not deformed


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