1.Combination Wrench .Single Size . Superior Quality, elegant design fashion and reasonable price.

2.Drop forged by large Double-Disc friction presses with tempered and hardened Chrome vanadium steel or carbon steel. 3.Fully polished ,chrome plated and mirror/matt/satin finish will protect against dirt and corrosion for years to come. 4.European Type:concave panel with 15 offset box end for knuckle dearance

5.Panking:each in a transparent bag then in white or color box then outer packing

6.A lifetime warranty within proper use.

7.Availbale sizes are as follows. Carbon steel and Raised panel


1.组合扳手。单个尺寸。 卓越的品质,优雅的设计时尚和合理的价格.2。采用大型双盘摩擦压力机锻造,采用回火和硬化铬钒钢或碳钢。 3.全面抛光,镀铬和镜面/亚光/缎面处理,可在未来几年内防止灰尘和腐蚀。 4.欧洲型:凹面板,带15个偏置盒端,用于关节脱离5.Panking:每个在透明袋中,然后在白色或彩色盒子,然后外包装。在正确使用的终身保修.7 .Availbale尺寸如下。 碳钢和凸起板16PCS:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,22,24,30,32mm


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