Are you the guy or gal everyone calls on when they need something done?  Do you have a private list of who to call on when the PTA needs money?  Is organization one of your skills?

Or, are you the one who raises your hand to volunteer without a clue as how to raise money for your child’s little league team uniforms?

If you can relate to either scenario you could definitely use a hands-on guide about how to raise money for your favorite cause. You are in the right place because “The Hands-On Guide To Fundraising” will help you achieve your goals.

Learn how to conduct a pre-campaign analysis, prepare a realistic plan and determine how to get started – all presented in a clear and concise package.  Discover everything you need to know about starting your own fund raising project or your money back.

Here’s a list of just a few of the helpful things you find inside “The Hands-On Guide To Fundraising”:

. What you need to know BEFORE you begin
Make sure your plan is viable

. How to review the different types of projects
Know which one is right for you

. Overview of costs
Make sure you can cover the start-up cost

. Learn how to find and motivate volunteers
Don’t try and do it all yourself

. Discover how to approach sponsors
Make sure you know who your donors will be

. Is a letter writing campaign a good option?
Learn how to determine the best approaches

. Is holding an event the best route for your project?
How to make sure you are asking the right planning questions

. What kind of event is right for your project
Understanding the different options – auction, craft fair or?

. Selling products to raise funds
Explore the pros and cons of this approach


Written in plain English “The Hands-On Guide To Fundraising” will help answer all the questions you may have about raising money for your favorite cause!

The purpose of our guide is to give you an overview of fundraising and provide you with information about what you need to get started.

So, just why do you need “The Hands-On Guide To Fundraising”?

Because it gives you what you need to know to succeed!

Thousands of people buy cookies, candy bars and other goodies to help out their kid’s causes.  However, the “same old, same old” gets stale (pardon the pun) after time.  Why not explore other avenues and come up with some new ideas?

If you are a committee chairperson trying to come up with something new and inventive or the novice who needs to figure out if your idea is doable,“The Hands-On Guide To Fundraising” is just what you need to learn all the ins and outs of fundraising.

Grab your copy today and see how you can make your next fundraising project a huge success – you’ll be glad you did!

8 Week Money Back Guarantee!  

P.S. Make sure your next fundraising project is a huge success!  Get your copy today!


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