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• 主灯采用1.5W大功率LED灯珠,亮度高,节能灯罩采用3mm厚度透明钢化玻璃,高透明度,耐油,抗压• 高性能3.7V可充锂电池,容量1500mAh,充电后,可连续使用3小时• …

• The main lamp adopts 1.5W high-power LED lamp bead, high brightness, energy-saving lampshade adopts 3mm transparent tempered glass, high transparency, oil resistance, pressure resistance • High performance 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, capacity 1500mAh, can be used continuously after charging

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公制长度 3m
英制长度 10ft

Metric length 3m inch

length 10ft

ruler width 13mm

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规格 6″
长度 150mm
最大剪切力 钢丝Φ1.6mm

specification 6′′
length 150mm
Maximum shear force
Steel wire Φ1.6mm

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基础数据 Basic Data
规格 Specification
长度  Length

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Steel Shield 9-in-1 multi-function long ball head hex wrench / 1 set
• Made of high quality chrome vanadium steel • Fine blasted chrome on the surface, beautiful and wearable

钢盾 9合1多功能加长球头内六角扳手/1套

• 采用优质铬钒钢• 表面细喷砂镀铬,美观耐磨

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钢盾 公制精抛光 棘开两用快扳 14mm

• 采用优质铬钒钢• 72齿棘轮• 表面镀铬,镜抛处理

Steel Shield Metric Fine Polishing Open-end dual-use quick pull 14mm
• Made of high quality chrome vanadium steel • 72-tooth ratchet • Surface chrome plating, mirror throwing

Basic data
Specifications 14mm
Length 193mm
Round head end diameter 27.7mm
Open end diameter 31.4mm

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尺寸      Size
L*W*H 682*344*155mm
最低位    lowest position
额定承重  rated load 3T
最高位  highest position
重量    weight
净重 30.5kg  net weight

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钢盾 麻柄 水泵钳 10″/1把

• 钳体经锻造热处理,坚固耐用 • 双沾塑手柄,握持舒适 • 符合美国ANSI标准

Steel shield, hemp, water pump pliers 10″/1
• The caliper body is heat treated for forging and durable • Double-dipped handle for comfortable grip • Meets American ANSI standards

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