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钢盾硬木柄 羊角锤 Sheffield Hardwood Handle Claw Hammer
• 锤头采用优质钢材锻造• 锤头经热处理,表面抛光• 硬木手柄,牢固耐用• 符合美国ANSI标准
Hammerhead forged from high-quality steel • Heat treated with hammerhead, polished surface • Hardwood handle, durable • Meets American ANSI standards

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• 橡胶锤头,表面柔软,不损伤敲击表面 • 胡桃木柄,牢固耐用 • 有效降低回震及反弹 • 无敲击火花,可用于防爆业

Steel Shield Rubber Hammer 24oz/1
• Rubber hammer head, soft surface, no damage to the striking surface • Walnut handle, strong and durable • Effectively reduce shock and rebound • No knocking spark, can be used for explosion-proof operation

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钢盾 表盘式游标卡尺150mm /1把

• 采用不锈钢材质,表面镀硬铬处理,高精度,耐磨• 卡尺具有测量内径、外径、深度及台阶功能• 尺身刻度采用激光刻线工艺加工,刻度清晰• 符合DIN862标准,分度值0.02…

Steel shield dial vernier caliper 150mm / 1
• Made of stainless steel, hard chrome-plated, high-precision, wear-resistant • Caliper with inner diameter, outer diameter, depth and step function • The scale is machined with laser engraving and the scale is clear • DIN862 compliant, indexing value 0.02…

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Steel shield forged F clip 120x600mm / 1 · High-quality steel forging and special heat treatment to ensure the clamping hardness

钢盾锻打F夹120x600mm/1个 ·优质钢材整体锻造·特殊热处理加工,确保夹持硬度

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·优质钢材整体锻造 ·特殊热处理加工,确保夹持硬度

Steel shield, hemp, water pump pliers 10″/1
• The caliper body is heat treated for forging and durable • Double-dipped handle for comfortable grip • Meets American ANSI standards

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规格 120x400mm
夹紧压力 370kg

Basic data
Specifications 120x400mmm
Clamping pressure 370kg

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钢盾 手电筒 1节 5号电池 1LED 高强度铝合金 强光 远射 战术防水防身 户外照明/1支
• 重型铝合金外壳,结实牢固• 采用国产LED灯珠• 采用防雨淋防震设计

Steel Shield Flashlight 1 section 5th battery 1LED high strength aluminum alloy glare long-range tactical waterproof self-defense outdoor lighting / 1
• Heavy-duty aluminum alloy casing, strong and solid • Made with domestic LED lamp beads • Rainproof and shockproof design

LED功率  LED power
光流通 Light circulation
电池  battery
1AA(1节5#电池)(1 section 5# battery)



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钢盾 测电笔 12-250V 高档数显 电笔 试电笔/1支

• 测量范围:12-250V• 快速感应测试,安全方便• LED显示屏电压显示• 产品达到CE标准

Steel Shield Tester 12-250V High-end digital display Electric pen Test pencil / 1
• Measuring range: 12-250V • Fast sensing test, safe and convenient • LED display voltage display • Product meets CE standard

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