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Amazon Rockstars Course- Building An Amazon Business 亚马逊Rockstars课程 – 建立亚马逊商业

The Self journal is divided in 3 distinct sections: The Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Each one is tailored to keep you focused and on track for achieving your goals.
Self期刊分为3个不同的部分:每日,每周和每月。 每一个都是量身定制的,让您专注并实现目标。

The Daily Structure That Makes Your Success Inevitable

We hear you! You’re ready to achieve transformational goals and get the most out of your life. And you’re determined. As Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” But you’re also apprehensive. You’ve been here before. You know you start out with good intentions. Your challenge is maintaining drive and enthusiasm – even when life gets in the way.
我们听到你了! 您已准备好实现转型目标并充分利用您的生活。 你有决心。 正如迪士尼所说,“如果你能做到,你可以做到。”但你也很担心。 你以前来过这里。 你知道你从善意开始。 您的挑战是保持动力和热情 – 即使生活受阻。

What’s more, past ‘failures’ are not your fault. You can’t be successful through drive and determination alone. You also need tools and systems to keep you focused, disciplined, and in control.
更重要的是,过去的’失败’不是你的错。 只靠驾驶和决心,你无法取得成功。 您还需要工具和系统来保持专注,纪律和控制。

The SELF Journal’s tried and tested structure empowers you to leverage the same success strategies as the world’s top performers. You’ll find it bridges the gap between idea and implementation. Where vision gets you started; execution delivers the goods. It’s where most people slip up… they miss targets and fail to deliver – because they get overwhelmed and lose sight of what needs to get done on a day-by-day basis.
SELF期刊经过试验和测试的结构使您能够利用与世界顶级表现者相同的成功策略。 你会发现它弥合了想法和实现之间的差距。 视力开始的地方; 执行交付货物。 这是大多数人滑倒的地方……他们错过了目标并且未能实现目标 – 因为他们不知所措并且忽视了每天需要完成的工作。

The SELF Journal solves this roadblock – permanently. It helps you plan each day powerfully – for maximum output. It encourages reflection and it keeps you on track.
SELF期刊永久地解决了这个障碍。 它可以帮助您有计划地每天计划 – 以获得最大输出。 它鼓励反思,让你保持正轨。

So if you’re serious about transforming your life, empower yourself with this game-changing tool. Used by Daymond John as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and goal-smashers, it could become the key to the inevitable success you deserve.
因此,如果你真的想要改变你的生活,那么就可以使用这款改变游戏规则的工具。 戴蒙德约翰以及成千上万的企业家和目标捣蛋者使用它,它可能成为你应得的不可避免的成功的关键。

Record Label Business Plan 2.016 + Music And Entertainment Contracts! 唱片公司商业计划2.016 +音乐和娱乐合同!

Start Your Own Successful Music Company And Get Funding From Investors With The Professional Record Label Business Plan Template. Free Bonus Offers Included Such As The Big Music And Entertainment Business Contracts Bundle! Completely Updated For 2016.

创建自己的成功音乐公司,并通过专业记录标签业务计划模板获得投资者的资金。 包括诸如大型音乐和娱乐业务合同捆绑在内的免费奖励优惠! 2016年完全更新。

If you are looking to start a Record Label,
in order to operate a SERIOUS Music Business, you will need a document that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of your business, and also one that contains the detailed plans and budgets showing how your objectives are to be realized!

In plain English, it is extremely important that you possess a well written business plan that shows not only you, but also potential funding sources that you have carefully thought out how you plan to operate in order to make your Music Business venture a SOLID SUCCESS!

There are two types of musicians.

The one who spends his evenings writing songs, (when he is not to tired from working all day at his real job) and possibly even records an album or two. This musician lives on the idea that one day, one of his songs that he pesters his facebook friends with, will all of a sudden magically go viral online, and he will end up on all the TV talk shows. From there he will be signed to a label, and the business end of things will be handled by hundreds of people who will be ready to wait on him hand and foot.


Then there’s the serious musician who plans to go into the business of selling records, and intends to make a full time living out of it. This Music Entrepreneur realizes that he needs a Business Plan.
But not just any Business Plan, he needs a plan that is tailored toward the Music Industry as it is today.

The Record Label Business Plan has been for many years an essential tool for thousands of serious music entrepreneurs who decided to take their music serious, and to the next level by starting to plan their next big step into the music business either for themselves as an artist, or by discovering and developing other artists.
多年来,唱片公司商业计划已经成为成千上万严肃音乐企业家必不可少的工具,他们决定将他们的音乐视为严肃,并开始计划他们作为一名艺术家为音乐事业迈出的下一个重要一步。 ,或通过发现和发展其他艺术家。

Turnkey Advertising Business 交钥匙广告业务

Saas App Allows Users To Launch Their Own Ad Business In Minutes. Members Give Away Free Ads And Make Instant Sales On The Back-end, Build A List And Generate Fast Traffic For Any Offer. Paying Lifetime Comms On A Very Sticky Membership Product.

Saas应用程序允许用户在几分钟内启动自己的广告业务。 会员放弃免费广告并在后端进行即时销售,构建列表并为任何优惠产生快速流量。 在一个非常粘的会员产品上支付终身通信。

If you’re sick of promoting other people’s stuff and you just want a simple but profitable business of your own – one that will reward you properly for your efforts – then consider this new Web App…
如果你厌倦了推广其他人的东西,而你只想要一个简单但有利可图的业务 – 一个能够为你的努力做出适当奖励的人 – 那就考虑一下这个新的Web应用……

You Giveaway Free Ads to your visitors, and some of those people will pay you for various add-ons.

Free or paid, every advertisier sends some visitors to activate their Ads, generating hands-free traffic to your website.

Which means even more free Ads are created and even more Sales are made… which in turn generates even more visitor traffic.

The 1nsourcing Business 1Sourcing业务

1nSourcing™ Business is the online business growth model designed for business owners looking to have more structure or develop from scratch their own digital product business using a tried, tested and proven method they can systematically use to develop their business. This provides not only the solid techniques and strategies used by successful online entrepreneurs, it’s designed specially with the entire operational ‘back end’ in mind as well, including the logistics of how the business can be operated. The plan and model can be tailored to any type of systems, or industry making it a completely solid and ‘whole’ solution to hit the ground running.

1nSourcing™Business是一种在线业务增长模式,旨在为希望拥有更多结构或从头开发自己的数字产品业务的企业所有者使用他们可以系统地用于开发业务的经过试验,测试和验证的方法。 这不仅提供了成功的在线企业家所使用的可靠技术和策略,它还专门针对整个运营“后端”而设计,包括业务运营方式的后勤。 该计划和模型可以适用于任何类型的系统或行业,使其成为一个完全可靠的“整体”解决方案。

That’s me, entrepreneur, digital nomad and my biggest accomplishment, mum of 3 😉
I’m the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Business Operations Consultancy & Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services, and the creator of 1nSourcing™ – a service that specialises in serving late 5, 6 and 7 figure business owners.
I left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue my dream of experiencing real freedom. I’ve grown a very successful location independent online business, travelling and living abroad full time, meeting my husband along the way and raising my 3 children. I now support people around the world in cultivating their own personal and professional aspirations in the digital world!

那是我,企业家,数字游牧民族和我最大的成就,妈妈的3 😉
我是Virtual Miss Friday的创始人,一个拥有内置虚拟助理服务的在线业务运营顾问和学院,以及1nSourcing™的创建者 – 这项服务专门为5,7和7位后期企业主提供服务。
我于2005年离开英国,享年23岁,追求体验真正自由的梦想。 我已经成长为一个非常成功的位置独立的在线业务,全职出国旅游和生活,一路上遇见我的丈夫,抚养我的3个孩子。 我现在支持世界各地的人们在数字世界中培养自己的个人和职业抱负!


Every month we have a group call for anyone in the 1nSourcing Programmes, including the Supporter, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Business. We discuss business development strategies, focus on accountability and have open Q & A. This is designed so you can get the help and support you need to stay on track.

These calls are hosted by Michelle every month and are ongoing – because the programmes are self-paced, you are free to attend these calls anytime in the future without any limitations.

每个月我们都会召集1nSourcing计划中的任何人,包括支持者,企业家,顾问和企业。 我们讨论业务发展战略,关注问责制并开放问答。这是为了让您获得所需的帮助和支持以保持正常运作。
这些电话每个月由Michelle主持并且正在进行 – 因为这些节目是自定进度的,您可以在将来的任何时间自由参加这些电话,没有任何限制。

How To Earn $10,000s Per Year From Your Rare Coin Business! 如何从您的稀有硬币业务中每年赚取10,000美元!

How to Multiply Your Money Fast by Investing in Rare Coins Almost 100% Risk-Free without having Any Special Knowledge, Nor Experience and Start with as little as $100!

Dear fellow investor,
Are you absolutely sick of working hard and testing and trying one investment system after the other with pathetic results ?
Do have enough with the ridiculous 2-3% per year presented as high ROI by some banks?
What about forex?
Do you feel safe leaving your money with a “so-called profitable forex robot”?
Are you wondering how the super-rich always profit more and more and multiply their wealth?
Do you know that they ALWAYS manage to Earn MORE by Risking Less?


In fact, there is an ELITE group of wealthy investors that Earn Outrageous ROIs literally multiplying their capital every year with Almost No Risk at ALL!


Biz Opportunity – Start Your Own Online Embroidery Business From Home 商机 – 从家里开始自己的在线刺绣业务

40 high quality, ready-to-be-stitched embroidery designs are included in the course for FREE. Designs from various categories including country flags, a lovely cupcake, a beer, Christmas related designs, embroideries of Rihanna and Lebron James and much more!! The estimated price for those 40 high quality designs is $183, but they will be yours absolutely FREE for LIMITED TIME along with the course! You can see a small sample of them below. To see and download the full catalog for free click here.
本课程免费提供40种高质量,可随时缝制的刺绣设计。 各种类别的设计,包括国旗,可爱的蛋糕,啤酒,圣诞节相关的设计,蕾哈娜和勒布朗詹姆斯的刺绣等等! 这40个高品质设计的估计价格是183美元,但是对于限时和课程来说,它们绝对是免费的! 你可以在下面看到一小部分样本。 要免费查看和下载完整目录,请单击此处。

Are you ready to take the first step in making extra income from home? Are you tired of “make easy money online” scams? Learn how to start a legitimate embroidery business from home.
你准备好从家里赚取额外收入的第一步了吗? 你厌倦了“轻松赚钱在线”诈骗吗? 了解如何从家里开始合法的刺绣业务。


I do not claim to be the best marketer or the best embroiderer in the world. I am a regular guy like you, who happened to be involved in the embroidery industry. I am interested in embroidery as well as marketing, and I am trying to do my best, in order to improve myself, and to help others achieve their dreams through embroidery related businesses.
我并不认为自己是世界上最好的营销商或最好的刺绣商。 我是一个像你这样的普通人,碰巧参与了刺绣行业。 我对刺绣和营销感兴趣,我正努力做到最好,为了提高自己,并通过刺绣相关的业务帮助他人实现他们的梦想。

I have more than 10 years of experience in a major embroidery related company, as a trainer, sales manager and product manager. I also help many people start their embroidery business from home for extra income, or as a main occupation. I myself run a part-time embroidery business from my home, which brings me a relatively high income! I will not get into numbers, but I can tell you that I can live very easily, without doing anything else!
我在一家大型刺绣相关公司拥有超过10年的经验,担任培训师,销售经理和产品经理。 我也帮助许多人从家里开始他们的刺绣业务以获得额外收入,或作为主要职业。 我自己从家里经营兼职刺绣业务,这给我带来了相对较高的收入! 我不会涉及数字,但我可以告诉你,我可以很轻松地生活,不做任何其他事情!

I decided to write this course in order to pass this knowledge to other people, who, like me, would like to follow the magic path of embroidery business from the comfort of their home, and make an easy living out of it. I started writing this course because I like teaching, I like passing knowledge to others, and more importantly, I like seeing people happy. I am not scared that you will steal my customers like other embroidery professionals, simply because the internet embroidery business industry keeps doubling itself every decade, as you will see in the industry analysis in my books, so there is enough space for everyone out there, as long as you have the knowledge and the industry secrets, and you value your customers. Let me pass you the knowledge and the industry secrets through my many-year experience in the heart of the industry, and you just be a professional and value your customers. This is the path to success.
我决定写这门课程是为了将这些知识传授给其他人,他们和我一样,希望在舒适的家中遵循刺绣业务的神奇之路,轻松实现。 我开始写这门课程是因为我喜欢教学,我喜欢把知识传授给别人,更重要的是,我喜欢看到人们开心。 我并不害怕你会像其他刺绣专业人士那样偷走我的顾客,仅仅因为互联网刺绣商业行业每十年都在增加一倍,正如你将在我的书中看到的行业分析,所以每个人都有足够的空间, 只要您拥有知识和行业机密,并且您重视您的客户。 让我通过我在行业中心的多年经验向您传授知识和行业秘密,您只需要成为一名专业人士并重视您的客户。 这是成功之路。