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China Import Customs Data is an important resource to describe the real picture of China import business. It provides in-depth information of every shipment, which comes into the country through air, sea or road. The data is mostly provided according to 8-digit HS Code, in both Chinese and English language. It is updated in 25 days of every month and can be subscribed Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually. The import report of China contains details of Chinese importers, what product they Import, Import quantity, Value of Imports, foreign exporters and other shipment details; that are essential to grow your business. Find more information and samples of China import data import data of China right below.

Products Datareports Graphics中国进口海关数据是描述中国进口业务真实情况的重要资源。 它提供了通过空中,海上或公路进入该国的每批货物的深入信息。 数据主要根据8位HS编码提供,包括中文和英文。 它在每个月的25天内更新,可以按月,季度,半年和每年订阅。 中国进口报告包含中国进口商

的详细信息,进口产品,进口数量,进口价值,外国出口商和其他装运详情; 这对于发展您的业务至关重要。 以下是中国进口数据导入数据的更多信息和样本。


Kinds of China Import Data

There are 4 kinds of China Import Customs Data we provide – Statistical, Partial Data with Standard Product Description, Partial Database with Actual Product Description and Both Side Import Data of China. All of these are described below.
我们提供4种中国进口关税数据 – 统计,部分数据与标准产品描述,部分数据库与实际产品描述和中国的双面进口数据。 所有这些都在下面描述。

Type 1: China Statistical Import Data

 China Import Statistical Data is arranged on 2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit HS Code. It provides standard description of the product and no company names. The statistical data of China imports is updated in 25 days of every month and can be subscribed Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually.
中国进口统计数据按2位数,4位数,6位数和8位HS编码排列。 它提供产品的标准描述,没有公司名称。 中国进口的统计数据每月25天更新,可以按月,季度,半年和每年订阅。

List of Data Fields :

Year, Month, HS Code, HS Code Description, Mode of Transport, Import District, Quantity, Measure Unit, CIF Value and Origin Country.
按2位数,4位数,6位数和8位HS编码排列。 它提供产品的标准描述,没有公司名称。 中国进口的统计数据每月25天更新,可以按月,季度,半年和每年订阅。

 Type 2: China Partial Import Data with Standard Product Description Partial Import Data of China with Standard Product Description is arranged on 8-digit HS Code only. It includes standard description of the product and importer details only. The data is updated in 25 days of every month and available Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually.
类型2:中国部分进口数据与标准产品描述中国部分进口数据与标准产品描述仅按8位HS编码安排。 它仅包括产品的标准描述和进口商详细信息。 数据每月25天更新,每月,每季度,每半年和每年可用。

List of Data Fields :

HS Code, Product Name, Chinese Importer Name, Plant Location, Quantity, Value USD, Price USD, Unit, Origin Country, Destination Country, Customs, Trade Method, Shipment, Routing Country, Value CNY, Price CNY, Price/Unit CNY, Company Type, Company Location, Province, Region, Payment Terms, Industry, Sub-industry and Year.
HS编码,产品名称,中国进口商名称,工厂位置,数量,价值USD,价格USD,单位,原产国,目的地国家,海关,贸易方法,装运,路由国家,价值CNY,价格CNY,价格/单位CNY, 公司类型,公司位置,省,地区,付款条件,行业,子行业和年份。

Export Genius provides 100% correct and genuine China import data, which is filtered with a verification process through our largest database team. It is collected from China customs and delivered to the clients after having thorough check on its accuracy. The import data of China is actually based on shipment records and compiled from import bills. We collect each and every details of shipment from our valid sources whenever a cargo enters into the port of China.
Export Genius提供100%正确和真实的中国进口数据,通过我们最大的数据库团队进行验证过程。 它是从中国海关收集的,并在仔细检查其准确性后交付给客户。 中国的进口数据实际上是根据装运记录编制的,并根据进口单据编制。 当货物进入中国港口时,我们会从有效来源收集每一件货物的详细信息。

We are the trusted platform for small, middle and large sized businesses to access specific trade information like details of Chinese importers, foreign exporters, shipment records of China imports, research-based trade analytical reports and so on. This is the reason why a large group of companies that are engaged into any field is very much depended on our China import report. And we strive to always provide quality market research services and shipment data of China to them. Through our largest database, we deliver customs data of China imports with a commitment to provide complete satisfaction of their business requirements.
We at Export Genius have a team of dedicated sales and database that collectively work on providing you the import data of China along with the trade figures of China timely. In our China import report, all important trade information is covered including Name of Chinese Importer, Foreign Suppliers’ List, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Unit, Value in USD & CNY, Routing Country, and so on. Hence, you can rely on our Report with a trust for taking effective market decisions and meeting import export business requirements.


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我们在Export Genius拥有一支专门的销售和数据库团队,共同致力于为您提供中国的进口数据以及及时的中国贸易数据。在我们的中国进口报告中,涵盖了所有重要的贸易信息,包括中国进口商名称,外国供应商名单,HS编码,产品描述,数量,单位,美元和人民币价值,路由国家等。因此,您可以信赖我们的报告,以便做出有效的市场决策并满足进口出口业务要求。

China is located in East Asia, bordered by the Pacific Ocean in its East coast. The country’s total imports ranked at 2 in 2015. China majorly imports machinery products, optical & medical equipment, nuclear reactors and metal ores.
中国位于东亚,东海岸与太平洋接壤。 该国的进口总量在2015年排名第2。中国主要进口机械产品,光学和医疗设备,核反应堆和金属矿石。

Capital City Beijing
Total Imports USD 1681670816000 (2015 import figure)(Ranked 2 in total imports)
Top Import Partners Republic of Korea (10.4%), United States of America (9%), Taipei, Chinese (8.6%), China (Re-import wise) (8.6%), Japan (8.5%)
Top Import Commodities Electrical, Electronic Equipment (25.67%), Mineral Fuels, Oils Distillation Products, etc. (1.81%), Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc. (9.35%), Optical, Photo, technical, Medical, etc. (5.93%) and Ores, Slag and Ash (5.65%).


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