Korean cosmetics drop in price, shipment volume in China韩国化妆品价格下跌,中国出货量下降

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The price of imported Korean cosmetics in China dropped by some 40 percent last year, Chinese customs data showed Thursday, for reasons industry watchers see as driven both politically and by the market.


Records from the Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau indicated an average 40 percent drop in the price of cosmetics shipped in from South Korea. The volume of the imported shipments totaled 2,200 tons last year, down 46 percent from the year before.

来自天津出入境检验检疫局的记录显示,韩国化妆品的价格平均下降了40%。 去年进口货物总量为2200吨,比去年下降了46%。

The numbers translate to an average $11 per kilogram of imports, down from the previous $18.The monetary value of the imports reached $23 million, down 69 percent. The import volume, which had nearly doubled in 2015, fell back to the level of 2013, data indicated.

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这些数字平均每公斤进口11美元,低于之前的18美元。进口货币价值达到2300万美元,下降了69%。 数据表明,进口量在2015年几乎翻了一番,回落到2013年的水平。

The two countries’ relations, persistently challenged by the differences in the way their governments deal with North Korea, have recently roiled over Seoul’s decision to host an advanced US missile defense system, known as THAAD, which Beijing argues is also aimed at China. Beijing has retaliated by imposing bans on Korean culture content and a number of import items

, and restricting travel to South Korea.

这两个国家的关系一直受到政府处理朝鲜问题方式的不同挑战,最近因首尔决定接纳美国先进导弹防御系统(即THAAD)而受到抨击,北京认为该系统也针对中国。 北京通过禁止韩国文化内容和一些进口商品以及限制前往韩国的旅行进行报复。

In November last year, Chinese authorities prohibited imports of 19 South Korean cosmetics products, turning back 11 tons of them.


Industry officials say that the South Korea-China free trade agreement that took effect in December 2015 and China’s lowering of the consu

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mption tax on cosmetics also pushed down the prices, with competition with global brands stiffening for South Korean compa



Market watchers are predicting more price markdowns this year, as some of the Korean exportingcompanies already have made downward adjustments.


Amorepacific, South Korea’s biggest cosmetics firm, lowered the price on 327 products by between 3 and 30 percent in January.



“The cosmetics prices are becoming more transparent as online and direct shopping grow at a fast speed,” an industry official said. “It’s inevitable for foreign cosmetics companies to change their retail prices in China.”

“随着在线和直接购物的快速增长,化妆品价格变得越来越透明,”一位行业官员表示。 “外国化妆品公司在中国改变零售价格是不可避免的。”

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