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Dear Friend,

Let’s be hArmax2onest… anyone can create ‘a product. Anyone can learn to write an ebook if they tried hard. But, as you may have alr

eady realized… That’s… Not… Enough! Creating just another product will not make you rich. In fact, it may not make you any money at all!


何人都可以创造’a’产品。 如果他们努力学习,任何人都可以学习写电子书。 但是,正如你可能已经意识到的……那……不够……够了! 只创造另一种产品不会让你变得富有。 事实上,它可能根本不会让你赚钱!

You have to create a hot-selling product if you want to make any real money! You need to write a best-seller in order to be recognized – and respected – as an expert!
如果你想赚到真正的钱,你必须创造一个热销产品! 你需要写一个畅销书才能被认可 – 并受到尊重 – 作为专家!

Otherwise, no one will joint venture with you, no one will affiliate with you, and no one will buy from you either! Just ‘

a’ product won’t cut it. Nobody tells you this, but it’s the sad truth about the ‘online profit world’ that most people find out the hard way.

资,没有人会与你联系,也没有人会向你购买! 只是’a’产品不会削减它。 没有人告诉你这一点,但大多数人发现困难的方式是关于“在线利润世界”的悲惨事实。30days3

But…there is a ‘shortcut’ strategy you can use to gain mega success fast!

Look…it’s not easy to become a recognized, respected, and successful marketing ‘expert‘. It’s even harder trying to convince others that you are one. But the worst part is…unless you can convince others that you are an expert in your field, you just don’t make any money! That’s just the harsh reality.
看……成为一个公认的,受人尊敬的,成功的营销“专家”并不容易。 试图说服别人说你是一个人更难。 但最糟糕的是…除非你能说服别人你是你所在领域的专家,否则你就不赚钱! 那只是残酷的现实。


Of course, every marketing ‘guru’ is telling you how important it is to have your own product, withyour own name on it, to really start making the big bucks. But, they don’t tell you just how hard it is to actually create a hot-selling product that people will love!
当然,每个营销“大师”都在告诉你拥有自己的产品,以及你自己的名字,真正开始赚大钱的重要性。 但是,他们并没有告诉你实际创造一个人们会喜欢的热销产品有多难!

And, let’s face facts…you need to have some solid marketing experience (and solid writingexperience) under your belt to be able to write something that people will love! That’s the hardest part!
而且,让我们面对事实……你需要有一些扎实的营销经验(以及扎实的写作经验)才能写下人们会喜欢的东西! 那是最难的部分!

But…here’s a sneaFastproducts2ky little secret that no one’s talking about! Most of the top gurus don’t even create their own products! That’s right. They hire other experts to write for them! Then, they simply sit back and enjoy the profits from selling these pre-written ebooks that have “their names” slapped on top of the cover!
但是……这是一个没人在谈论的偷偷摸摸的小秘密! 大多数顶级大师甚至不创造自己的产品! 那就对了。 他们聘请其他专家为他们写作! 然后,他们只是坐下来享受销售这些预先写好的电子书的利润,这些电子书的封面上有“他们的名字”!

The absolute beauty of this strategy is that anyone can do this! Even you!
这种策略的绝对美妙之处在于任何人都可以做到这一点! 连你!

But…there is one big problem… finding and working with a writer that can deliver a hot product can get frustrating AND expensive! Most private label rights to hot-selling ebooks will cost you around $1,200 each — that’s twelve hundred dollars for one ebook! If you can afford that, great. If not, it will be difficult for you to use the above powerful strategy.

题……找到一个可以提供热门产品的作家并与之合作会让人感到沮丧和昂贵! 对热销电子书的大多数自有品牌权利将花费你大约1,200美元 – 一个电子书是1200美元! 如果你负担得起,那很好。 如果没有,您将很难使用上述强大的策略。

But, there is good news. Extremely 


good news, in fact.但是,有好消息。 事实上,这是一个非常好的消息。

If you’ve ever wanted to have a best-seller to your name, if you’ve ever wondered just how much money you could make with a hot-selling, “expert-level” ebook with your name on it, and how much easier it would be to get those ‘guru’ marketers to want to joint venture with you, then I’ve got some amazing news for you…
如果你曾经想要一个畅销书给你的名字,如果你曾经想过用一个热销的“专家级”电子书和你的名字可以赚到多少钱,以及多少钱 让那些’大师’营销人员想要与你合资更容易,然后我有一些惊人的消息给你…


Finally, you can own the ‘private-label’ resell rights to 5 amazing hot sellers, and (for the very first time,) you can put your name on them as the author, so that you can…

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