Running A Micro Business Or Homeschool Organization 经营微型企业或家庭教育组织

Tax Prep For HS Biz 10 Fee

Business Ebooks For Micro Business Start-ups. E Books For Homeschool Group Leaders. Ebook On Taxes For Teenagers Written By A Carol Topp, Cpa. Accounting And Business Issues Explained In A Easy-to-understand Way.
微型企业初创企业的商业电子书。 家庭教育集团领导人的电子书。 由Carol Topp撰写的青少年税收电子书,Cpa。 会计和业务问题以易于理解的方式解释。

HomeschoolCPA is me, Carol Topp, CPA, a retired homeschooling mother and Certified Public Accountant, specializing in helping nonprofit homeschool organizations.
HomeschoolCPA是我,Carol Topp,CPA,退休在家上学的母亲和注册会计师,专门帮助非营利性的家庭学校组织。

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with m4HSCPAbooksy husband of 30 years and have two daughters, both homeschool high school graduates. I homeschooled a total of 14 years. I enjoy traveling, reading, painting, our church and homeschooling!
我和我30年的丈夫住在俄亥俄州的辛辛那提,有两个女儿,都是家庭学校的高中毕业生。 我在家里共学了14年。 我喜欢旅游,阅读,绘画,教堂和家庭学校!

Helping homeschool leaders with legal and tax  compliance

Are you a homeschool leader? You’ve come to the right place for information on
你是家庭学校的领导者吗? 你来对地方了解相关信息

  • Starting a homeschool organization
  • Managing the money in your homeschool group
  • Hiring and paying workers
  • Applying for tax exempt status with the IRS
  • Maintaining tax exempt status

HomeschoolCPA is here to help. As a (retired) homeschooling mother and Certified Public Accountant, Carol Topp blends her skills, education and experience to help other homeschoolers manage their organizations.
HomeschoolCPA随时为您提供帮助。 作为(退休)在家上学的母亲和注册会计师,Carol Topp融合了她的技能,教育和经验,以帮助其他家庭教育者管理他们的组织。

Start with reading Carol’s articles and the blog. Check out the bookstore and Carol’s podcast.
首先阅读Carol的文章和博客。 看看书店和卡罗尔的播客。

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Happy Customers:

” You took an enormous amount of stress off of me Thank you for serving the homeschooling community. What a great blessing you are to our growing community.”
Nicole in IL
“你从我身上承受了巨大的压力。感谢你为家庭学校社区服务。 对于我们不断壮大的社区来说,这是多么美好的祝福。“

“Thank you so much for your assistance as we pursued non-profit status. It was such a blessing to us knowing that you were available to help us with questions and to give us needed guidance.”
Mary in TN
“非常感谢你们,因为我们追求非营利性的地位。 我们知道您可以帮助我们解决问题并给予我们所需的指导,这对我们来说是一种祝福。“

Homeschool leader, are you tired? Are you burned out?
家庭学校的领导者,你累吗? 你被烧光了吗?

Leading a homeschool co-op can be exhausting. Carol Topp, Homeschool CPA, shares 5 ways to avoid burnout as you lead your homeschool group.
领导家庭教育合作社可能会令人筋疲力尽。 家庭学校注册会计师Carol Topp分享了5种避免职业倦怠的方法。

The Dollars and Sense Show offers advice to homeschool leaders, by the HomeschoolCPA, Carol Topp, so it is sometimes called HomeschoolCPA podcast.
美元与感知展由HomeschoolCPA,Carol Topp为家庭学校领导提供建议,因此它有时被称为HomeschoolCPA播客。


Join Carol Topp as she shares advice, tips and encouragement with homeschool leaders.
加入Carol Topp,与家庭学校领导分享建议,提示和鼓励。

Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, is an accountant, author and retired homeschool mom (after 14 years both her daughters are homeschool, high school graduates). She takes confusing topics such as money, business, and taxes and puts them into easy-to-understand English.
HomeschoolCPA的Carol Topp是一名会计师,作家和退休的家庭教育妈妈(14年后,她的两个女儿都是家庭学校,高中毕业生)。 她把金钱,商业和税收这些令人困惑的话题融入到易于理解的英语中。

On the show Carol will discuss:

  • Starting and running a homeschool program
  • How to manage the money
  • Paying workers as employees or independent contractors
  • What you need to know about the IRS and tax exempt status in clear English!

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