How to Stop Bullying Once and For All! – Beating the Bullies 如何一劳永逸地停止欺凌! – 击败恶霸


No one wants to see their child injured whether it’s physical or emotional.

It’s a sad testimony that hundreds of instances of intimidation against children take place arounds the
word every day.

We do our best to protect our children but this is one area where we may not even be aware of the problem.

Children are often too embarrassed to tell their parents. Or they just lack the confidence.
孩子们常常不好意思告诉父母。 或者他们只是缺乏信心。

A groundbreaking new guide that paves the way for parents to discern and help their children with this problem is currently sweeping the Internet.

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As good parents we protect our children. We make certain they receive the best healthcare.  We make sure their dental needs are met.  We teach them not to speak to strangers and how to cross a busy street.
作为好父母,我们保护我们的孩子。 我们确保他们获得最好的医疗保健。 我们确保满足他们的牙科需求。 我们教他们不要和陌生人说话,以及如何穿越繁忙的街道。

But, what happens when your child is bullied? Unlike the old jokes about “my Dad will beat up your Dad,” the reality is that this is an old problem exacerbated by our modern lifestyles.
但是,当你的孩子被欺负时会发生什么? 不像以前关于“我爸爸会殴打你的爸爸”的笑话,现实是,这是一个老问题,加剧了我们现代生活方式。

It used to be that when Billy ran home with a bloody nose, Mom would be there to wipe away the tears and help him understand that there would people in the world who do mean things.

Nowadays Billy probably goes to a sitter or daycare. Or, if he’s a little bit older goes home to an empty house. Bullying has been around since the first little Neanderthal boy or girl had their lunch taken away by someone bigger and stronger.
如今,比利可能会去保姆或日托。 或者,如果他有点老了回家一个空房子。 自从第一个小尼安德特人的男孩或女孩被更大更强壮的人带走午餐以来,欺凌一直存在。

For a millennium parents have tried to protect their children from bullies. And, while you may not have given much thought to it, there are adult bullies as well.  If you stop and think about it, you’ll be able to spot them within your sphere of contacts and acquaintances. 
一千年来,父母一直试图保护他们的孩子免受欺凌。 而且,虽然你可能没有多想过它,但也有成年人欺负。 如果你停下来思考它,你就能在你的联系和熟人范围内发现它们。

Finally, someone has given us a tool to help us understand and interact with the bullies in our lives. That’s right, we’re talking about a manual to teach us “How to Stop Bullying.”
最后,有人给了我们一个工具,帮助我们理解并与生活中的恶霸互动。 没错,我们正在谈论一本手册来教我们“如何制止欺凌”。