How to Succeed While Really Trying! – Successful Study for Adult Learners


Yeah, we know. That is a definite play on a well known title.

But, can you identify? Many people can. What we are really talking about here is going back to school.

Is it possible? Sure. Is it possible for YOU? Well. . .

Did you struggle as a student? Was studying an elusive concept?

Did you barely scrape by? What would you do to learn good study habits today?

If you have a need to learn hwo to study as an adult learner, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

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Yes, we know. That header is a definite play on a well-known title. It does make sense. however. Especially when the stakes are very high.

Let’s take a look at Sue. She has just discovered that her company plans to open a new branch next year. She’s worked hard for the company and really would like to be considered for the position of branch manager.
Now Sue knows that her company promotes from within, but, they have certain criteria that must be met before one can even be considered for an upper level management position.
That criteria includes a specific level of education that she does not possess. She came close to completing that course of study and In fact, she is only short one or two credits from reaching that goal.
The problem is that life got in the way. Marriage and raising children all while working full time just left little to no opportunity for her to finish. Also, she was a lousy student. There, that’s the real truth!
Sue, like thousands of people, struggled through her early education. The problem became worse as she advanced to the college level. It had nothing to do with her intelligence and everything to do with her habits.
Again, Sue was a lousy student. She never learned how to study. But she really wants this promotion. Facing the future of college tuition for her two children, the additional income she will earn is like the carrot dangling in front of her.
With butterflies in her stomach she sighs with apprehension while filling out the paperwork at her local community college. In fact, she is so nervous she can hardly stop her hand from trembling while she signs the documents.
Now, what?


Is there a solution to Sue’s problem? Can she overcome her earlier years of terrible study habits?
If you have ever walked in Sue’s footsteps then you can relate to the bone-chilling fear of having to study for something this important. And, not just study, but actually make the grade!
Like Sue, you may be in a similar situation. She can’t say no to the possibility, this could be a career breaker. But what is she going to do? She must overcome her fear and deliver the goods.
Well, thankfully she has an option and so do you. It may feel awkward at first but you can do it and it isn’t near as difficult as you might think.