Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . . Stay Alert & Age Less!


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall . . .

Dear Reader,

Unlike the Evil Queen of Snow White history who wishes to be the “fairest in the land,” our mirror is just a means to measure our progress through our lives and relate our overall appearance.  Unfortunately, many people assume that aging equals a decline not only in our physical attributes but mental acuity as well.

How often do you hear someone laugh off a poor decision on “old-timers” disease, a term that in and of itself is offensive. Use of this term is actually very demeaning to a segment of our society that we should be embracing.

If you happen to be one of us who is on the “far side” of the mid-century population you may even use the term humorously when explaining your own behavior. In truth behavior like this merely ensures that we do indeed decline as we age.

Well, if you are on that “far side” you can choose to jump off that train right now!  The more negative thinking we allow ourselves to indulge in, the further the truth about aging is cemented in our hearts and minds.

Like building blocks, one comment on top of another creates a self-defeating prophesy and very soon we believe the lies.  We believe that our physical attributes and mental behaviors decline.

We begin to believe that we can’t function “like we used to.”  We recite a mantra that goes something like this: “One wrinkle, two wrinkles three wrinkles more, why
is old age knocking on MY door?  You can choose to discard that as useless drivel!


How can we do that?

Glad you asked.  You can begin by believing.  What, is that too simple for you?  It really can be that simple.  But, it helps to have a roadmap.  And you are lucky to be in the right place at the right time.  We have just the tool to do the job.

So what should you do to get started?
Glad you asked. As we mentioned above you could just start believing. That will take you to the right mindset.  But if you are thinking about the roadmap our easy to follow guide will help you with getting started . . .
and some of the best parts are . . .
• You don’t need any special training. It’s a very easy read.
• It doesn’t require a lot of time to get started.
• You can begin preparation as soon as you抳e read the guide.
• Cost is minimal ?it’s a real bargain!

What you will learn . . .

Learn how to keep learning while awake AND while asleep.
Find out about the basics of your health..
Discover how to rid yourself of “shoulda woulda coulda”.
How is the best way for YOU to learn.
Uncover what accessories are necessary.
What to do to learn to smile more..
Be open to exploring new possibilities.

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