Start Bass Fishing 开始巴斯钓鱼

Who Else Wants to Land “The BIG One?”

Okay, let’s say you’re a “wannabe” fisherman (or woman) and your new father-in-law was born with gills instead of brains. He’s invited you to join him and his bass boat for a weekend of fun (torture?) on the lake.
好吧,让我们说你是一个“想要”的渔夫(或女人),而你的新岳父出生时就是鳃而不是大脑。 他邀请你加入他和他的低音船,在湖上度过一个有趣的周末(折磨?)。

Now, “Dad” is an absolute expert when it comes to bass fishing. You? Not so much. Just maybe, you embellished your fishing experience just a little bit. Bet you didn’t even know there are three types of bass!
现在,“爸爸”在低音捕鱼方面是绝对的专家。 您? 没那么多。 也许,你只是稍微修饰了你的钓鱼体验。 打赌你甚至不知道有三种类型的低音!


Truth be told you have no idea how to even bait a hook let alone grab a bass on your line. Yeah, it’s called a line. Maybe you aren’t even sure what end of the fishing rod the reel goes on. Oh, what’s a reel?
说实话,你不知道如何甚至诱饵钩,更不用说在你的线上抓一个低音。 是的,它被称为一条线。 也许你甚至不确定卷轴上的钓竿的哪一端。 哦,什么是卷轴?

You love your spouse dearly but never thought you’d have to make good on all the “fish tales” you shared with “Dad” at your wedding reception, did ya? Busted!


Okay, so what’s a guy/gal to do? Well, there is an answer. Maybe it won’t make you a trophy winning bass fishing champion overnight but, if you’re lucky it’ll get you through a potentially embarrassing situation.
好的,那么一个人/ gal要做什么? 嗯,有一个答案。 也许它不会让你一夜之间赢得贝司钓鱼冠军奖杯,但如果你很幸运,它会让你度过一个可能令人尴尬的局面。

Yep, we have a solution for you. You may have to admit that your fishing talents aren’t quite as developed as you said they are, but at least you can hold your own in the basics once you have the solution.
是的,我们为您提供解决方案。 您可能不得不承认,您的钓鱼天赋并不像您所说的那样发达,但至少在您有解决方案后,您可以掌握自己的基础知识。

Ask yourself these three questions:

What if you could join the bass fishing fraternity in easy steps?
What if you were able to begin for a relatively small cost?
What if there were a way to learn the basics quickly and painlessly?

Well, you can and it isn’t as difficult as you may believe.