Wagging For Life Aging Dog Vitality Course

Ever Wish Your Dog Could Just Tell You About The Pain?”

Finally, Something You Can Do For Your Aging Dog.

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog sloppy sitting with the back legs out to the side, or not “springing” up effortlessly when you come home. Sadly, now that furry, former “bundle of boundless energy” just sits there all day. You need to ask yourself: “Why?”.

Can You Spot The Warning Signs of Your Dog‘s

Slippery Decline Into Decrepit Old Age?

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Think About Your Dog for a minute…

Have You Seen:

  • Back feet out to the side when sitting
  • No longer able to jump on the bed
  • Can’t get in the car without help
  • Increasingly frequent “messy house accidents”
  • Lack of Interest in walks or play
  • Reluctant stair-climbing
  • Groaning when standing up

Did you say YES to anything there? You are in the right place right now.

Haven’t seen any yet? Sadly, chances are some of those signs are just down the road. Time spares noone. Not even beautiful aging dogs.

W4L Happiness Is

Are you here to get your dog:
training methods for your sport dog that won’t jump through a hoop?
medical advice for your queezy dog that just ate a pack of scented candles?
obedience tips for your crazy dog that pees on your luggage by the front door?
If any of those three above describe you then you’re on the wrong page. For those you’ll need a dog sport coach, veterinarian or dog obedience trainer.
But wait…
Having said that, top-level coaches, trainers and veterinarians who have done their homework all have one thing in common:
“Top dog professionals all know there can be
underlying issues causing many of the problems they are paid to solve.”
So, successful canine health and obedience professionals endorse this little-known key to healthy aging dogs you will discover below.

“Discover Ingenious strategies for helping your dog stand up, walk, sit and do stairs…”

Start taking advantage of something that has already worked for countless millions of humans and thousands of dogs.

Check This Out:
The surest way you’ll ever find to put life in the years of your grey muzzled old friend.”
“The biggest mistake that almost all owners of senior dogs —even the savvy ones—are making. Correct this, and be amazed by bursts of puppy-like liveliness you haven’t seen in years.”
“The surprising secret of why some old dogs stop sitting on command. Hint: It has nothing to do with obedience.”

Carrie Smith Treat1

and yes, as you’d hope… these secrets are good enough for her to use at home giving that same gift of comfort, happiness and dignity to her own 10 year old Golden Retriever named Piper