Walking for Fun and Better Health

Book 1

Isn’t technology great?  Our world is filled with wonderful gadgets that make our lives so much easier.  We have machines that do our every bidding. We have:

  • Cars, trains, buses and planes to take us where we need to go.
  • There are escalators and elevators and moving sidewalks.
  • Riding lawnmowers and golf carts that help or hinder us depending on your point of view.

We’ve only scratched the surface.  Bet you could come up with a bunch more in just a few minutes. Hmm, it sounds like we have a machine for just about everything, doesn’t it?

Now, if we say that the one thing machines haven’t taken away is our ability to walk, well we’d here from someone pointing out the treadmill.  Seems like there’s always someone who just has to prove another person wrong!

We’re not discounting treadmills.  But there’s something special about walking outdoors, isn’t there?  The fresh air and the general sense of well being that we have when we are at one with nature.

Do you ever walk just for fun?  Do you walk to become healthier?  More importantly, are you walking correctly?

Now, don’t get defensive!  If you are someone who has discovered the benefits of walking you may have never learned the proper way to walk. If you are someone who is considering a walking regimen for weight loss or just better overall health, then you may also need to learn how to walk correctly.

Finally, a digital answer to everything that you ever wanted to know about walking!  “Walking for Fun and Better Health” is written for the novice as well as the experienced walker.

It’s jam-packed with information, tips and tricks that are all designed to help the beginner or improve your walking experience.  It’s important to note that this is great information for young and old alike.

Seriously, we do all know how to walk.  But what we know about walking for fun and health is an entirely different matter.  How we walk is extremely important and walking the “wrong” way can do serious damage in the long run.

“Walking for Fun and Better Health” will:

  • Teach you proper warm-up procedures.
  • Instruct you how to step.
  • Explain the importance of posture.
  • Show how to use your arms.
  • Insure each step is the same.
  • Make sure you use the right equipment.
  • Find out about retaining motivation
  • and much more