A Dream is a Wish. . .” – Set and Get Your Goals


Wouldn’t it be great if that were really true?

That just like Cinderella all our dreams would come true?

That if we “wished it, it would come.”

If only . . .

Is there a way to dare to dream? And if there were, would all my dreams come true?

Well, there is. It takes a good dose of clear thought and an ability to be open to change.

Not a lot of change, but some and all for the better.

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Dear Reader,

Everyone knows that song from the Disney classic “Cinderella.”  Unfortunately many people confuse dreams with reality.  They really do believe that “if you dream it, it will come.”  It worked for Cinderella, didn’t it?  Well, so much for fairy tales.
The time comes when one has to set aside wishes and dreams and learn to mold them into reality.  Wishing and dreaming without action are just so much fluff and become a lesson in futility.
By all means continue to dream BUT back up your dreams with a solid dose of reality.  A new skyscraper begins as a dream, a spark of imagination that occurs in the heart and mind of an architect.

The architect then transfers that spark into a artistic rendering of the project.  Engineers are brought on board and a set of blueprints begin to take form.  From those blueprints the foundation is laid and floor by floor the structure is created by a builder.


First is the framework then layer upon layer the building is constructed.  The project is a masterpiece of form and function all beginning with a single dream.  The dream was the catalyst but without methodical planning the dream would never come to fruition.

Just as the architect, engineer and builder you have the same “stuff” to create your convert your dreams into your reality.  However, you need a process.  A roadmap if you will that guides you through that process.  It’s easy enough to create your own “blueprint.”

How can you do that?

You can begin your process by setting goals and we give you all the tools you need and more presented in “Set and Get Your Goals!”

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Okay this comprehensive guide isn’t just another treatise on telling you that you need to set goals.  This guide will help you to understand:

1) What are dreams, goals and resolutions.

2) How to deal with fear.

3) Why failure can be a good thing.

4) How to prepare for the process.

5) How you can improve your mindset.

6) Staying focused and much, much more.

and the best parts are . .

  • You don’t need a self-help guru to understand. It’s very easy to read.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of time to get the basics.   you need ?You can start working on your goals as soon as you’ve read the guide.
  • Cost is minimal ?The price is ridiculously low!

Take a peek inside and you will find out everything you need to know to about Set and Get Your Goals!”:

Learn why you need a success journal. Find out how to deal with problem people. Discover health tips to help you stay focused. How to identify problems with the goals you’ve set.

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