Bring Out The Novel That’s Inside You 带出你内心的小说

Discover How You Can Tap Into Your Own Internal Muse and Release Your
Creativity With The “Secret Formula” 

If you think that’s a bold statement, you’re right it is!  But, if you are serious about developing the talent within you and achieving your dreams, read very carefully and we will show you how!
如果你认为这是一个大胆的陈述,那你就是对的! 但是,如果你真的想要培养你内在的人才并实现你的梦想,请仔细阅读,我们会告诉你如何!

Before we get to that, however, let’s explore your potential a bit more.  Can you imagine acquiring the skill to learn the secrets that will unleash your own inherent ability to inspire others simply and confidently?
然而,在我们开始之前,让我们更多地探索你的潜力。 你能想象获得学习秘密的技能,释放你自己固有的能够简单而自信地激励他人的能力吗?

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Before your subconscious steps in and starts that negative “self talk” understand that whatever you truly desire you can achieve.

They say that there is a story inside each of us.  Well, “they” are right.  And, you’re in the right place at the right time because we are going to show you how to tap into that internal power.
他们说我们每个人都有一个故事。 好吧,“他们”是对的。 并且,您在正确的时间出现在正确的位置,因为我们将向您展示如何利用内部力量。

Bring Out The Novel That’s Inside You unlocks the secrets that:

  • Explain what makes a book a good seller
  • Reveal how to write your first book
  • Unlocks the mystery to writing with emotion
  • Explores why modern writing doesn’t have to be stiff and formal
  • Recognizes that something new and different can get published
  • Surveys the entire landscape of writing with and for your children 
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Don’t make the mistake of trivializing this in-depth guide.  Not only does Bring Out The Novel That’s Inside You cover the basics like grammar and spelling, learn all about:
不要轻视这篇深入的指南。 带出内心的小说不仅涵盖了语法和拼写等基础知识,还可以学习以下内容:

  • Where to begin
  • Writing an outline
  • Personalizing your protagonist
  • Selecting a genre
  • Finding your voice

Once the basics are out of the way Bring Out The Novel That’s Inside Youmoves on to instructing you in how to set your scene; the importance of dialogue and how to make it work for you. Discover how to develop your characters and make them come alive!
一旦完成了基础知识,就把你内心的小说带出来指导你如何设置场景; 对话的重要性以及如何使它为您服务。 探索如何发展你的角色,让它们活跃起来!

You are absolutely going to love this book.  We can’t promise you that you will become the next Hemingway but we are so sure that you will love it that we offer you a one hundred percent money back guarantee.
你绝对会喜欢这本书。 我们不能保证你会成为下一个海明威,但我们非常肯定你会喜欢它,我们为你提供100%的退款保证。

We take all the risk.  If, for any reason (or for no reason at all), you decide this book doesn’t meet your exact needs, simply let us know within the next 60 days and you’ll get a complete refund of your purchase price. There will be no questions asked, and no hassles.
我们承担所有风险。 如果出于任何原因(或根本没有任何理由),您认为本书不符合您的确切需求,请在接下来的60天内告知我们,您将获得购买价格的全额退款。 没有问题,也没有麻烦。

Grab your copy now and unleash your own creative talent.  Believe us, once you have learned the secret formula” you will never look back!  Do it now
立即抓起你的副本,释放你自己的创造才能。 相信我们,一旦你学会了“秘密配方”,你将永远不会回头! 现在做