Find More Happiness Now

How to Chase Happiness and FIND IT!


Are you happy?    I know, I know. . .such a cliché.  It really does sound just a bit  patronizing, doesn’t it?  And when someone is asked that question, the response is usually of course I’m happy.  Why wouldn’t I be?
However, when you really get down to it are you. . .really. . .happy?  If we ask that question of ourselves when we are alone in that still, small place where we are truly brutally honest with ourselves. . .sadly most of us answer a dark, whispered no.
And exactly why is that so?  Aside from those people in the world who are less fortunate than most of us, if we own a computer then our lot in life should be much greater than those who comprise the “have nots.”  Right?
It really boils down to just about everything else in the world, doesn’t it?
So, it should be a fair assumption that we create our own unhappiness. If we accept that, we can also accept that conversely we can create our own happiness!
Yes, absolutely.
But.  Yeah, there’s always a “but” isn’t there?  Disappointed?  You really didn’t think it was going to be that easy did ya? Have you ever worked really hard for something that you wanted and partially through your effort to earn it, someone comes along and drops it in your lap?
How much did you appreciate that gift?  Did you find that the value had somehow diminished when it was just handed to you?  Life is like that isn’t it? The harder you work at earning something, the greater the perceived value.
Well, happiness is just like that.  We can’t just give it lip service without really meaning it. And, we can’t  truthfully give it lip service unless we earn it, right?  Well, you can learn your way right into happiness and we can show you how!
How can you do that?
You can start with a copy of “Find More Happiness NOW”
This comprehensive guide will help you to understand:
1) What happiness really is.
2) What you need to do.
3) Why it is up to you.
4) When to lighten up on yourself.
5) How you can fix problems.
6) How you can take stock of your present situation.
and the best parts are . . .

You don’t need any special education, this was written by a regular person just like you and I.
It doesn’t require much time to get the basics you need ?it’s a fast and easy read.
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