Golf Secrets 高尔夫的秘密

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OK, so you won’t become another Tiger Woods overnight. But heck, just like love and war, all is fair when it comes to golf! Right? Many golfers will tell you that even the slightest improvement in their game is worth at least. . .well. . .maybe their first born child?
好的,所以你不会在一夜之间成为另一个老虎伍兹。 但是,就像爱情和战争一样,在高尔夫方面,一切都是公平的! 对? 许多高尔夫球手会告诉你,即使是最微小的改进也至少值得。。 。好。。 。可能是他们的第一个孩子?

All kidding aside, the millions of us who are beginning or average golfers, are borderline obsessed with improving our game. While we can’t promise that you’ll become a pro, what you will learn from GolfSecrets will improve your game.
除了开玩笑之外,我们数百万开始或普通高尔夫球手的人都倾向于改善我们的比赛。 虽然我们不能保证你会成为职业选手,但你将从GolfSecrets学到的东西会改善你的比赛。

Golf 21

Trying to find the magic “cure” is a common dilemma for most golfers. If you’re just starting out in this game, or even if you’ve been playing for many years, it can be tough to figure this stuff out:
试图找到神奇的“治愈”是大多数高尔夫球手常见的两难选择。 如果你刚刚开始这个游戏,或者即使你已经玩了很多年,也很难弄清楚这些东西:

Learn To Play Golf Like A PGA Pro!
像PGA Pro一样学习打高尔夫!

. . .well, almost.
。。 差不多。

•How to play well

•What golf equipment to buy

•How much to spend

•What are all the rules

The age-old question, “Will a change to your swing, stance, equipment, or your golf shoes really improve your game?” has been in existence since the game began hundreds of years ago in Scotland.

There is no shortage of ideas, tips and theories on how to improve or even play the game. Some of them are very good, but it is usually difficult for the the average or beginning player to fit these ideas into their game.
关于如何改进甚至玩游戏的想法,技巧和理论并不缺乏。 其中一些非常好,但普通或初级玩家通常很难将这些想法融入他们的游戏中。

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Much of it can be hard to understand, demand extraordinary physical co-ordination or take a long time to make it work for you! That is why Golf Secrets can help you. You will discover how to:
其中大部分都难以理解,需要非凡的物理协调或需要很长时间才能让它适合你! 这就是Golf Secrets可以帮助你的原因。 你会发现如何:

•Practice more effectively than ever before
•Solve problems that everyone faces on the golf course
•Prepare for a game, even with very little or no time
•Get solutions to golfers’ specific problems
•Practice to save yourself some time
•Use a logical plan that is simple and easy to follow

Golf Secrets is easy to read, giving you almost 100 proven answers and not just theory. If you want to improve your game or start out learning correctly, you need something that works.
Golf Secrets易于阅读,为您提供近100个经过验证的答案,而不仅仅是理论。 如果你想改进你的游戏或开始正确学习,你需要一些有用的东西。

Some way to beat the odds, at least most of the time, and start shooting more consistent scores? Think that would make your life just a little bit better? We think so too, and that something is Golf Secrets!
一些方法可以击败赔率,至少在大多数时候,并开始拍摄更一致的分数? 认为这会让你的生活变得更好一点? 我们也这么认为,而且有些东西是高尔夫秘密!


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