Lean, Mean & Green 精益,平均和绿色

Every day we hear about another assault on our planet.  No, we aren’t talking about war although that is another area of concern.  We are talking about daily practices that are upsetting the natural balance of life as we know it.
Did you know that there are potentially life-threatening products all throughout your home?  Would you intentionally subject your family to harmful chemicals?  Of course not!
But that is what hundreds of thousands of people do every single day.  There are harmful toxins lurking in every nook and cranny of your home right now!
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation recently published a list of what kind of chemicals one can find in the average household.  It’s hard to comprehend that things we use every day can become deadly when improperly used.
We are talking about chemicals like:
Ethylene glycol, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, sulfuric acide, methanol, organic solvents, ammonia, sodium hypochiorite, lye, cresol, phenol, perchloroethylene, formaldehyde, sodium bisulfate, oxalic acid and many others.
That list comprises just a few of the contents of some of the products we use every day such as glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, air fresheners and bathroom cleaners.  And that just scratches the surface.


What if you could clean your kitchen using all natural ingredients?
What if you were able to have a clean bathroom risk-free?
What if you could do it in a cleaner, more organized environment?
Okay, okay.  You try to have a healthy, clean and organized household.  You’re convinced that natural is better.  Bet you think it’s a really tough and tedious task to start your own naturally cleaner home?
What if there were a way to make it fast, fresh and almost pain-free?  You’re in luck because there is.  All you need is our handy guide “Clean, Green and Safe!”
好吧好吧。 你试图建立一个健康,整洁,有组织的家庭。 你确信自然更好。 打赌你认为开始自己更清洁的家庭是一件非常艰难而乏味的工作吗?
如果有办法使它快速,新鲜且几乎无痛,该怎么办? 你很幸运,因为有。 您所需要的只是我们方便的指南“清洁,绿色和安全!”


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