PMS and Women’s Health PMS与女性健康

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Chances are, if you are female and living in the United States you may have seen the TV commercial where some demented woman is telling you to “have a happy period!”  What a load of you know what!
If you thought your PMS was just a painful condition that you have to try and live with, then there is good news!  The truth is, you can manage PMS and in some cases even eliminate the side effects completely.
Do you remember when your mother had that first conversation with you?  You know which conversation we’re talking about.  It’s the one about your body changing and becoming a woman.
如果你认为你的PMS只是一个痛苦的条件,你必须尝试和生活,那么有好消息! 事实是,您可以管理PMS,在某些情况下甚至可以完全消除副作用。
你还记得你母亲第一次与你交谈的时候吗? 你知道我们在谈论哪个对话。 这是关于你的身体变化和成为女人的一个。


The truth is that when it finally happened and you began your period, you were shocked and couldn’t believe how painful it was. In fact, you were really angry that Mom hadn’t prepared you better.
Don’t blame Mom.  Maybe she was one of the few women who breeze through their period each month with no complications, side effects or pain!  If you are one of those lucky women, then close this page because you don’t need what we’re discussing here.
Even if you experience just mild symptoms each month can you imagine another 30+ years of going through this month after month?
事实是,当它最终发生并开始你的时期时,你感到震惊,无法相信它是多么痛苦。 事实上,你真的很生气,妈妈没有为你做好准备。
不要责怪妈妈。 也许她是少数几个每个月都在微风中度过的女性之一,没有任何并发症,副作用或疼痛! 如果您是幸运女性之一,请关闭此页面,因为您不需要我们在这里讨论的内容。