Rich Life, Poor Life – You Choose


Which is Better…

a “rich life” or a “poor life?”

And we aren’t necessarily talking about money!

Kind of a no-brainer question isn’t it? Most people would want a rich life, right?

It’s well and good to want or wish, it’s an entirely different case when you actually take action.

Let’s say you have a bucket full of water and it’s sat for so long that it’s become putrid. Would you drink the water? Probably not!

But, what if you could empty out the bucket and give it a through cleaning and disinfect process.

Would you drink that water now? Sure you would – IF you were thirsty.

Are you thirsty enough to choose a “rich life over a “poor life?”

If so, click below and find out more.

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Discover The Secrets That Are Preventing Your Success – Attack Them and Learn How To Chart Your Own Destiny!

When you were a child did you believe you were invincible?  Most children do until they have the “belief” sucked out of them.  Do you remember how certain you were that you could fly?
Were you so certain that you climbed the highest tree in the neighborhood on a dare and prepared to jump off?  Maybe you broke an arm or a leg.  Regardless that antic may have given your parents a few gray hairs!
Have you ever read “The Little Engine That Could?”  If you recall, she (Tillie) wasn’t a “real train” she was what they call a “switch train” and usually just moved the big guys around the train yard.
But one day she started off on a trip and came upon a very steep hill.  No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t get over the hill.  She took off to find some other engine to help.  But the big guys all refused claiming one excuse after another.
Until she came upon another little engine just like her.  They both hooked onto the long line of passenger cars and started up the hill.  As they worked they began to chant, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can and sure enough they made it.
Now what does that tell us about Tillie?  Well, we know she was the consummate optimist for one.  Her story teaches children to never give up!  If you think you can – you will.
Sounds so simple,  doesn’t it.  A well-known cliché, right? Just believe and you will achieve. You know what’s so funny about that?  Psst – lean in a little closer and I’ll tell you a secret.  What’s the secret?  The secret is. . .drum roll please. . .
It’s true!
That six inches between your ears is the ultimate computer.  It never lets you down.  If it makes the occasional error in judgment, well that’s the programmers fault, not the computer.
It’s the most accurate computer you will ever see.  It does exactly what it is programmed to do! The good.  The bad.  And the downright ugly!
So, what happens when a computer picks up a virus or some other malicious activity?  It doesn’t operate correctly.  Quite often the computer will appear to continue operating building error upon error until it finally crashes.


When that happens the only solution is to wipe the hard drive and start over.  The computer begins a new life with fresh clean programs installed.  Well, that’s exactly how the mind works.
We begin life with a clean slate but as we grow and learn our hard drive can become corrupted.  Think about it for a moment.  From the time we begin to crawl we are told “No, you can’t do that.”
We pull up to a table and are warned not to touch anything.  We walk next to the kitchen stove and are told to get away, you may be burned.
From that point onward our lives are more about what we can’t do instead 

of what we can do.  Don’t misunderstand, our parents and teachers are genuinely trying to protect us.  But, decades of being told “no” takes it’s toll.
So, can we change all those years of negative programming?
Yes you can!  How?  You can turn your life around by learning how to make different choices.  And that’s where “Rich Life Poor Life – You Choose” comes into play.
Here are a few things to think about:
No one can force you to become successful.
No one can prevent you from becoming successful.
No one can manufacture success out of thin air.
“Rich Life Poor Life – You Choose” takes you by the hand and guides you to an understanding of how to change the choices you already made.  Not only that, you also learn how to make new choices based on the success principles you learn.
Learn how to acquire your “purpose”
How to recognize “bad” programming
Discover the best exercises to facilitate change
plus much more
And finally implement our author’s mantra of “Dream, Believe, Do and Protect” because it will change your life!