Your Pet Rabbit Guide

Looking for a SPECIAL Pet?
Fascinated With the Unusual?
Want to Know More about Owning and Caring for a Cuddly Rabbit?


Find out how to Fulfill Your Dream of
Owning Your Own Rabbit!
Unusual pets are popular, interesting and can be a great experience! If the normal dogs and cats just aren’t your thing, owning an unusual pet can be just the thing.  Not only are they cute and cuddly, your pet rabbit has his or her own distinct personality.
Whatever your interest, exotic pets have different needs and equipment from your standard pets, so getting the right information will help you get the pet you want and ensure it enjoys a long and healthy life.
What Special Needs Do Bunnies Have?
There are some definite elements you need to consider before you make your selection.  Will your rabbit need a special cage or heater?  What will your rabbit eat?
Who will care for your pet if you need to be away for any period of time.  This is an important consideration.  Rabbit care is not like a simple cat or dog.  Their care can be tricky for the uninitiated!
Where Can You Find the Answers?
Before you get your pet you can get the important information you need right here! Find answers to common questions about rabbit ownership and prepare for bringing your pet rabbit home!
All the basic information is here, from where to buy, to what to feed and how to find the RIGHT one for you. . .

Why do you want a rabbit?  No, that’s not a trick question.
Are there any legal issues in your area that might affect your ownership?
What are the risks (if any involved)?
Where should you buy your rabbit?
Where do you take your rabbit for health problems?
What special care will your rabbit require?
Choosing your rabbit
Health insurance for your rabbit
Things to consider BEFORE you buy
Choosing your rabbit
Handling your rabbit
Housing and feeding

Whether you already have a bunny in mind, or are open to new possibilities, owning a rabbit is a rewarding experience for the right person – being prepared in advance will help you make the commitment and bring you and your pet years of pleasure!
If you are serious about owning an exotic pet, there’s no better place to get all the answers you need to get started…