Are you a Pod person? – Podcast the Easy Way!


No, that’s not a trick question but we really aren’t talking about a zombie from some science fiction movie.

A pod person is someone who understands the dynamite method of pro-moting goods and services
using podcasting.

Yeah, we know. This process was first introduced to us close to two decades ago. But, it is now worth
another close look to boost or supplement your marketing efforts today.

Why is that? Well, people now have a lot more ways to view your info. A podcast
used to be only visible on our computers.

Not any longer. Now there are smart phones, ipads and many ways to access media.

Another reason is the cost. It is very cost effective and you are really missing
out if you haven’t at least checked it out.

Doesn’t cost a dime to take a look and could reap a huge reward for your business.

You’ll never know unless you take a look.


How to Become a Pod Person for fun and profit!

Unless you have been hidden away in a remote location for the last decade or so, you have probably observed a podcast. This is one of the most effective methods for marketing your goods and services available online.
We all know just how effective audio-visual tools are to engage an audience. In fact the odds are very good that you will acquire a new customer, client or partner if you introduce them to your offer using this method.


Podcasts were extremely popular a few years ago, then interest waned a bit. However, they are mounting a huge comeback because of our ability to view them on all types of media we use today.
Because your message can be downloaded for viewing at any time, this is a powerful tool to have in your marketing arsenal. If you haven’t made use of this promotional model yet, you are missing out on a great tool.
Podcasting has advantages over many other types of promotion. It is personal, low-key and you have full control. If you haven’t tried podcasting because you thought it too expensive to have created for you or too difficult to attempt yourself, we’re happy to tell you that is not the case!
In fact, all you need to know can be learned from this jam-packed little guide called “Podcast the Easy Way.”