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Patience Persistence Pleasure

Dear Reader,

All of the above are associated with the Art of Bonsai.  If you are seeking a new hobby outside of the normal garden variety, this might be an option for you.

The history of bonsai is left to interpretation.  One school of thought says it originated in Japan, some say Korea but the generally accepted history lays claim to China, during the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.)

That same school of thought shows the migration to Japan during the Heian period (794 – 1191A.D.) and the eventual western delivery began in the late 1800s to early 1900s in Europe.

Regardless of what school of thought you might prefer, the Art of Bonsai represents a significant following for those who are seeking a peaceful outlook for ones creativity.

Having a bonsai hobby can, as our headline suggests, give much pleasure to the followers.  It is not, however, a good outlet for someone who is looking for instant and immediate gratification.

Bonsai is all about the process.  A pleasurable outlet yes, but it also requires persistence and patience.  One does not begin a bonsai creation and leave it to foster it’s own growth.

Patience and persistence pays off in great dividends for the long term.   That is part of the beauty of bonsai. . .the journey;  the evolution of a project is much more than a snip here and a cut there.

…but I don’t have a green thumb!

When beginning a bonsai journey, having the right tools and resources is imperative.  A “green thumb” applies to original gardening of flowers and vegetables.  In fact, that could be a detriment to your bonsai education.

That is why we highly recommend our guide, “The Beginners Bonsai Book.” 

  1. What if you could find a hobby that was peaceful and quiet?
  2. What if you were able to begin almost immediately?
  3. What if there were a way to insure success?

Well, there is and you can. If you are like many people, you may have explored the idea of gardening as a hobby. The problem is finding out how to go about it when you have no experience. 

Typical gardening requires you to know a whole lot about many plants and vegetables and the problem is that everything about it is difficult to read and understand.

“The Beginners Bonsai Book” completely supplants the requirement for a degree in horticulture.  What you need is a practical guide that isn’t full of technical jargon. 

Ask yourself these three questions:

You need a simple, easy to follow guide about how to get started.  We have just the ticket.  You need “The Beginners Bonsai Book.”

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