Be A Happy Hamper – Cleaning the Easy Way! 做一个快乐的礼篮 – 清洁简单的方法!

We mean that in the most literal inter- pretation.

Whether you have never gone camping before or used to camp as a child,
there is something here for everyone.

Summer is upon us in the northern hemisphere and outdoor fun is the call of the day.

CleanBook 1

Read about our friend “Joe” and how he managed to totally destroy what could have been a truly great experience.
Then, learn what he could have done and see how pleasant a camping experience can become.

You really owe it to yourself and your family to check this out. Some of the most rewarding memories of childhood are those spent sharing the great outdoors.
你真的欠你自己和你的家人检查一下。 一些最有价值的童年记忆是那些花在户外共享的人。

Take a look here and
check it out:

Everything that Cinderella Never Told You!


Dear Reader,
It’s that time again.  Time for you to take up the weapons of mass destruction and attack the enemy face to face.  With your trusty tools at hand you bravely step up to the plate, throw down the gauntlet and accept the challenge head on.
Well, that might be a bit dramatic but there’s really no other way to approach the intimidating task of cleaning your home.  It’s a thankless job.
Do you shudder at the thought of tackling it? Do you resent the idea of losing your precious time again only to know that you will be right back at this point in the blink of an eye?
Do you groan at the thought of facing your teenagers room and once again having to wear a face mask to combat the spoors of unknown science projects littering the desk?
Not that its helpful but know that aren’t alone.  Along with all the fancy new technology designed to “help” us with the chore of house cleaning we still have to do it.
The house cleaning robot that will take over all of our thankless tasks hasn’t been invented yet. Besides, once that device is offered to the public you can bet that you’ll need a lifetime just to wade through the instructions.