Beginners Guide To Healthy Running

— What do you know about exercise?

“Are You a Couch Potato?”

— The Truth About Running for Good Health!

Are You a Couch Potato?
Do you have the body of a couch potato?
If you answered yes then the next question is:
Do you want to do something about it? If not, then close down this link and continue to look forward to your shortened life span.
Sorry if that sounds harsh. But if the shoe fits then you need to wear it.
If you realize that you need a lifestyle change, then we can help. It’s not another diet program. We aren’t asking you to buy any unnecessary exercise equipment. And we aren’t saying you need to do what some aging actor on television pitches
It’s much simpler than any of those alternatives and will probably cost less than the last fast food lunch fast food lunch you ate.
Take a minute and cruise over to


and see what we’re talking about. Doesn’t cost a dime to look but it could cost your life not to.

Dear Reader,

Well, you have finally made a decision.  You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. You know you have to eat right and you know you have to start an exercise program.

Finding a diet plan is easy. There are tons of recipes and charts available that help you identify what your dietary goals must be. When it comes to exercise, however, it starts getting difficult.

Oh, there are also many exercise programs out there. The problem is usually cost. You can join a fitness club.  You can build your own exercise gym at home.  You could buy one of those machines that are advertised on the TV.

Again, all great ideas.  The problem is that each would probably cost you your first born child!  Fitness clubs and gyms require a monthly fee and a long-term contract.  Each of the other two plans have equally prohibitive costs.

So, What’s the Alternative?

Well, it’s running, of course!  It might cost you a new pair of shoes if you don’t already own a good pair of running shoes.  Other than that the cost is measured in the amount of time you are ready to invest in your good health.

There are club dues to pay. You don’t need to buy high-priced exercise equipment.  All you need are the two feet you were born with and a sincere desire to do something about your health and well-being.

Did You Know?

1.    All weather is good weather for running.

2.    Keeping a running diary will greatly improve your success.

3.    Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

The good news is that you can properly prepare to introduce your body to good health by healthy running.  You can do it with your very own copy of the “Beginners Guide To Healthy Running.”

You can get a great education and fill in the blanks with the “Beginners Guide To Healthy Running.”