Better Veggies – Grow Better Vegetables Yourself! 更好的蔬菜 – 自己种植更好的蔬菜!

Fresher, safer and healthier!


That should be your mantra when you are considering what you feed your family.

It seems like every other day or so we are reading about another health scare based on the foods we eat.

Remember that poison cantaloupe deal that killed folks just this past summer?

Sure we get “fresh” veggies at the local supermarket. We never know just HOW fresh they are.
当然,我们在当地超市买到“新鲜”的蔬菜。 我们永远都不知道他们是多么新鲜。

Plus, what’s been done to them that makes them stay fresh? Who knows?


鲜感? 谁知道?

Listen, the best way to make sure that you and your family are eating healthy veggies is to grow them yourself.

Now don’t panic. It really isn’t that hard. How do I know?
Well check it out for yourself right here:
现在不要惊慌。 这真的不是那么难。 我怎么知道?

Have you ever plucked a fresh, vine-ripened tomato from a bush and savored the hint of sunshine on your tongue while juice dribbled off your chin?  If not, you are missing something close to Nirvana! 
你有没有从灌木丛中采摘新鲜的葡萄成熟的西红柿,并在你的下巴上榨汁时从你的舌头上品尝出一丝阳光? 如果没有,你就会遗漏Nirvana附近的东西!

Sadly, the majority of people today have no idea what a treat they are missing.  Oh sure, we have veggies every color of the rainbow available at the local supermarket.  
可悲的是,今天的大多数人都不知道他们缺少什么款待。 哦,当然,我们在当地超市有各种颜色的彩虹。

We even have the added benefit of summer vegetables in the winter.  Melons and berries in January were unheard of a few years back.  But, have you ever given any thought to the trade off for all this convenience?
我们甚至在冬天还有夏季蔬菜的额外好处。 1月份的甜瓜和浆果在几年前闻所未闻。 但是,你有没有考虑过所有这些方便的交易?

There is a price to pay.  Usually the price is processing and lack of flavor.  All those “off season” vegetables come from somewhere around the globe.  They are grown using pesticides that permeate the product, some even use dyes to create the pretty colors,
需要付出代价。 通常价格VBook 1是加工和缺乏味道。 所有这些“淡季”蔬菜都来自世界各地。 它们使用渗透到产品中的农药种植,有些甚至使用染料来创造漂亮的颜色,

Sure, they look good, but we are never absolutely certain what goes into all that convenience.  As if that were bad enough, many of those fruits and vegetables are utterly tasteless!
当然,它们看起来很好,但我们绝对不能确定所有这些便利性。 好像这已经够糟糕了,很多水果和蔬菜都是无味的!

This isn’t a treatise on over process foods, but rest assured even the veggies grown right here in the U S of A don’t always make the grade.  Yes, we have inspectors on top of inspectors.  What good did that do for all those people who ate the bad cantaloupe this past summer.
这不是关于过度加工食品的论文,但是即使是在美国大陆这里种植的蔬菜也不能保证成绩。 是的,我们在检查员之上设有检查员。 这对那些在去年夏天吃了坏哈密瓜的人来说有什么用呢。

How different do you think it would be if you were able to consume your own fresh vegetables?  Knowing exactly how they were grown and what fertilizers you used would be a huge benefit for your family’s health and well being. Not to mention that you would be in total control of how you preserved your vegetables for future enjoyment.
如果你能吃自己的新鲜蔬菜,你认为会有多么不同? 确切了解它们的种植方式以及您使用的肥料对您家庭的健康和福祉将是一个巨大的好处。 更不用说你将完全控制你如何保存蔬菜以备将来享用。

but I don’t have a green thumb!

You don’t need one!  All you need is a little instruction.
你不需要一个! 你需要的只是一点指导。

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What if you could feed your family fresher foods?
  2. What if you were able to insure a healthier diet?
  3. What if there were a way to insure better nutrition?

Well, there is and you can. If you are like many people, you may have explored the idea of home gardening. The problem is finding out how to go about it when you have no experience.
嗯,有,你可以。 如果你和很多人一样,你可能已经探索过家庭园艺的想法。 问题是找不到经验时如何去做。

There is tons of information available about gardening.  The problem is that almost everything is written at a level that requires a formal horticultural degree!
有很多关于园艺的信息。 问题是几乎所有东西都写在一个需要正式园艺学位的水平上!

What you need is a practical guide that isn’t full of technical jargon.  You need a simple, easy to follow guide about how to get started.  We have just the ticket. You need “Grow Better Vegetables Yourself.”
你需要的是一本没有技术术语的实用指南。 您需要一个简单易懂的指南,了解如何开始使用。 我们只有门票。 你需要“自己种植更好的蔬菜”。