“Cat’s In The Cradle” – Fishing with Your Kids “猫在摇篮里” – 和你的孩子一起钓鱼

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…and the fish are biting!

Unless you were born before  the 60’s or are a folk music buff, you may be scratching your head about now.

“Cat’s In The Cradle” is an iconic rendition of one man’s journey through adulthood as it relates to his son.

Google it and you’ll find lots of good information that is just as relevant today as it was when it was written by Harry Chapin and performed by Cat Stevens.

Bottom line is that if you are a parent (or grandparent) who is looking for ways to spend quality time with your kids, you’ve just found a way to do just that!

Take a look and decide for yourself if what we are offering is relevant for you.
You’ll be glad you did.


You’ll be glad you did!

Dear Reader,

There was a very popular folk song in 1974 titled “Cats In The Cradle.”  It was written by Harry Chapin and performed by Cat Stevens.  It chronicled the tale of a Dad telling the story of his relationship with his son.
1974年有一首非常流行的民歌,名为“摇篮中的猫”。它由Harry Chapin编写并由Cat Stevens执行。 它记录了一个爸爸讲述他与儿子关系的故事。

This Dad was probably like many of the parents today, long on good intentions and very short on time.  He sang of his busy work schedule and “bills to pay”, but promised that they would get together soon.
这个爸爸可能就像今天的许多父母一样,长期以来都是出于善意而且时间很短。 他唱起了他繁忙的工作时间表和“支付账单”,但承诺他们很快会聚在一起。

Heck, he even tells about getting the boy a gift of a ball but when the son asks if he’ll teach him to throw, Dad says, “Not today – I got a lot to do,” and the boy said, “That’s okay.”
哎呀,他甚至讲述了让这个男孩得到一个球的礼物,但当儿子问他是否会教他扔,爸爸说,“不是今天 – 我有很多事要做,”男孩说,“那是 好的。”

The boy wanted to be just like the Dad, “And said, “I’m gonna be like him, yeah
You know I’m going to be like him.” Well it was a self-fulfilling prophecy because as the boy grew to adulthood, the tables turned and there was no time left for his Dad.

Okay, so what does this have to do with you landing on this page?  Well, if you are a parent or even a grandparent, wishing you had an activity to share with your kids, there probably is no coincidence that you are here.
好的,那么这与你登陆这个页面有什么关系呢? 好吧,如果你是父母,甚至是祖父母,希望你有一个与孩子分享的活动,那么你来到这里可能并非巧合。

Our author, Wally Barrett, has put together a study of one way you can create a family activity and generate tons of fun that will inevitably become treasured memories of quality time for generations to come.
我们的作者Wally Barrett已经开展了一项研究,你可以创造一种家庭活动,并产生大量的乐趣,这将不可避免地成为未来几代人对质量时间的珍贵回忆。

 Yes, I get it.  “Fishing?”  Why not? So what if you aren’t an expert. You can learn and believe me it doesn’t take much expertise at all to catch on, especially if you have a guide like this one.
是的我明白了。 “钓鱼?”为什么不呢? 那么如果你不是专家呢? 你可以学习并相信我并不需要太多的专业知识,特别是如果你有像这样的指南。

Let’s take a look at just what “Fishing With Your Kids” has to share with you:

1. How to avoid the “spoilers” to insure a fun fishing trip.
2. Discover how to select the right equipment.
3. Power up your knowledge about the impact of the weather.
4. Unearth the secrets of when and where to fish.
6. Educate yourself about what to do when fish aren’t biting.
7. Acquiring the rights rods and reels.
8. Learning what lines to use and when.
9. Using restraint when critiquing.