Chicken or the Egg? – Raising Chickens 鸡肉还是鸡蛋? – 饲养鸡

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Which came first? Do you know?
哪个先来? 你知道吗?

Well, whether you do or don’t one things for sure. If you are like most folks you enjoy eating either one.
好吧,无论你是否确实做了一件事。 如果你像大多数人一样,你喜欢吃任何一个。

There’s nothing like fresh eggs to start off your day.

Would you like to know how to have fresh eggs every day?

It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Find out how at:

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Dear Reader,
Well, that’s been the question for ages and while we don’t claim to have the answer, we do know a bit about chickens.  And, eggs as well.
Have you ever had the pleasure of eating a fresh egg?  No, not one you just brought home from the grocery store.  We aren’t talking about an egg from a carton with an expiration date two weeks out either.
We are talking about an egg that is still warm from the chicken!
You haven’t lived until you’ve broken a truly fresh egg into a frying pan and had the yolk pop up and say good morning!  An egg that sits there in the pan and the white stays where you put it instead of spreading out to merge with it’s neighbors.
嗯,这已成为问题,虽然我们没有声称有答案,但我们对鸡有所了解。 而且,鸡蛋也是如此。
你有没有吃过新鲜鸡蛋的乐趣? 不,不是你刚从杂货店带回家的。 我们不是在谈论一个纸箱里的鸡蛋,有两个星期的有效期。
你没有活过,直到你把一个真正新鲜的鸡蛋打成煎锅,蛋黄弹出并说早上好! 一个鸡蛋坐在锅里,白色停留在你放置的地方,而不是散开,与它的邻居合并。

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How Do You Capture Eggs That Fresh?

There’s only one way to get them that fresh.  Yep, grow your own!  Think it sounds far-fetched?  Not at all.  It seems that a trend of self-sufficiency is penetrating the population here in the second decade of our new century.
只有一种方法可以让它们变得新鲜。 是的,成长自己! 认为这听起来很牵强吗? 一点也不。 在我们新世纪的第二个十年里,自给自足的趋势似乎正在渗透到这里。

More suburbanites than ever are turning their attention to creating a “green and growing” environment.  And, what better place to start than your own backyard.
Today’s home owners are creating vegetable gardens on their property that rival elaborate landscape designs.  The most posh neighborhoods in their communities have nothing over a yard that rewards the grower and contributes to self-sufficiency.
Okay, so it’s a jump from having a well producing garden to raising chickens, right?  Not necessarily.  Raising enough chickens to produce fresh eggs for your family isn’t as difficult as it might appear.
Chickens do not require much space and once set up require very little maintenance.  In fact, it’s so simple that you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it earlier!
Unless you were born on a farm or a ranch, all you need is some guidance. Where do you get that kind of knowledge?  Well, if you are serious, our  handy little guide called “Raising Your Own Chickens” is just for you.

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