COCKTAILS – How to Make and Enjoy them! 鸡尾酒 – 如何制作和享受它们!

Make Your Next Party The Talk of the Town!

Uh oh!  Now you’ve done it.  You opened your mouth and agreed to host the next neighborhood get together.
哦哦! 现在你已经完成了。 你张开嘴,同意接待下一个邻居聚会。

Unlike Sunday football and a cooler full of beer, this is your first real “grown-up” party.  It’s no wonder your spouse isn’t speaking to you!
不像周日足球和一个装满啤酒的冷却器,这是你第一次真正的“成年”派对。 难怪你的配偶不跟你说话!

Cocktails 1

Judging by some of the parties your neighbors have hosted you’d best get a crash course in how to tell the difference between a “martini” and a “mimosa.”  Does it matter?  You bet it does!
从你的邻居托管的一些方面来看,你最好得到一个关于如何分辨“马提尼”和“含羞草”之间差异的速成课程。这有关系吗? 你敢打赌它!

Especially when your guest asks for one or the other!

If you want to make your party the best the neighborhood has ever seen, help is as close as a click.  “Cocktails – How to Make and Enjoy Them“ is just what you need to insure your success.
如果你想让你的派对成为社区所见过的最好的派对,那么帮助就像点击一样紧密。 “鸡尾酒 – 如何制作和享受它们”正是您需要的,以确保您的成功。

You may have picked up one of those little cards at the liquor store that claims to show you all the best drinks and how to mix them.  Well, double check.  They merely promote the alcohol they want you to buy!
你可能已经在酒类商店买了一张小卡片,声称可以向你展示所有最好的饮料以及如何混合它们。 好吧,仔细检查一下。 他们只是宣传他们想要你购买的酒精!

Cocktails Header

You are much smarter than that!  Instead of just giving you a list of popular cocktails, take a look at what else  “Cocktails – How to Make and Enjoy Them“ has to offer:
你比那更聪明! 而不只是给你一个受欢迎的鸡尾酒列表,看看还有什么“鸡尾酒 – 如何制作和享受他们”提供:

  • All the basic cocktails and how to mix them
  • Should you have food?
  • A list of all the equipment and supplies you need
  • Simple tips to enhance your bartending skills
  • The “Secret Key” ingredient to insure great presentation
  • Bar measurements including metric to US conversions
  • What mixers and garnishes to use with which cocktails
  • How to establish your own home bar
  • Which glass to use for what?
  • Should you have entertainment
  • How to plan your party
  • How much alcohol do you need?