Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables 美味的水果和重要的蔬菜

Not to mention a “leg up” during this economic crisis!

Is there anything more appealing to the taste buds than a bowl full of fresh, crisp salad greens topped with juicy tomatoes, snapping fresh cucumbers, brightly colored radishes and all garnished with your favorite topper?

The only thing that might be just as appealing is a plateful of your favorite fruits coupled with a tasty yogurt dip or tangy cheeses.

We’ve all had occasion to read books on nutrition, books on health and of course, recipe books.  But, just how easy is it to find a book that covers all three?  Pretty near to impossible!
我们都有机会阅读有关营养,健康书籍和食谱书籍的书籍。 但是,找到涵盖这三者的书有多容易? 非常接近不可能!

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There are tons of books about nutrition.  There are also hundreds of books on living a healthy lifestyle.  What most of them lack is the correlation between the two. 
有大量关于营养的书籍。 还有数百本关于健康生活方式的书籍。 大多数人缺乏的是两者之间的相关性。

Sure, we all know how important it is to eat our veggies.  And, there probably isn’t a soul among us that doesn’t agree that fruits are yummy.  
当然,我们都知道吃蔬菜是多么重要。 并且,在我们中间可能没有一个人不同意水果是美味的。

However, do you have any idea of what fruit to eat if you need to reduce diarrhea, control your blood pressure, encourage good heart function, strengthen your bones or help a cough?  Yeah, that’s what we thought.
但是,如果您需要减少腹泻,控制血压,鼓励良好的心脏功能,强化骨骼或帮助咳嗽,您是否知道吃什么水果? 是的,这就是我们的想法。

Or how about this one?  What vegetable can help your body lower cholesterol, help protect you against some effects of diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and retain your skin’s smoothness?  Unless you are a nutritionist there’s a good bet you won’t guess that one either.
或者这个怎么样? 什么蔬菜可以帮助你的身体降低胆固醇,帮助保护你免受糖尿病,高血压,中风和保持皮肤光滑的一些影响? 除非你是营养师,否则你不会猜错那个。

But don’t worry.  You can find the answers to those two questions (and lots more) in “Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables.”
但别担心。 您可以在“神话般的水果和重要蔬菜”中找到这两个问题(以及更多)的答案。

What do fruits and vegetables have to do with the rotten economy?
但别担心。 您可以在“神话般的水果和重要蔬菜”中找到这两个问题(以及更多)的答案。

Okay, so what does healthy nutrition and eating fruits and veggies have to do with the recession, depression or whatever in the heck “session” they’re calling it?  If you stop for just a minute or two you’ll discover that it has EVERYTHING to do with it.
那么,健康的营养和吃水果和蔬菜与经济衰退,萧条或其他任何他们称之为“会议”的事情有什么关系呢? 如果你只停留一两分钟,你会发现它与它有一切关系。

Look, we all need to cut back and spend less right now, right?  Well, what better way than to cut some of those pricey cuts of meat out of our diets. . .especially the stuff that isn’t particularly good for us anyway?  What better way than to increase our intake of foods that are good for us and cost less too!  
看,我们现在都需要削减开支,对吗? 那么,有什么比从我们的饮食中削减一些昂贵的肉类更好的方法。。 特别是对我们来说不是特别好的东西? 还有什么比增加对我们有益的食物摄入更好的方式,而且花费更少!

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Also, if the current crunch has you stressing – STOP!  I know, it’s easy to tell you to stop stressing over money.  But it certainly isn’t going to help your health by a long shot if you continue to stress over what you can’t control.  Control what you can.  And, you CAN control your intake of “Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables.”
此外,如果目前的紧缩你有压力 – 停止! 我知道,很容易告诉你不要再为金钱施加压力了。 但如果你继续对你无法控制的事情施加压力,那肯定不会长期帮助你的健康。 控制你的能力。 而且,你可以控制你的“美味水果和重要蔬菜”的摄入量。

And while you are doing that, you can learn what vegetables and fruits can best keep your body nourished while your brain is going these tumultuous times!  Again, stop focusing on what you CAN’T change and focus on what you CAN change.
当你这样做时,你可以了解什么蔬菜和水果可以最好地保持你的身体营养,同时你的大脑正在这些动荡的时代! 再次,停止专注于你不能改变的事情,并专注于你可以改变的东西。

Heck, by the time we’re through this economic speed bump you’ll probably be so happy with the new outlook and body that “Fabulous Fruits & Vital Vegetables”have given you that you’ll never go back to the old habits.  And, that’s a good thing.
哎呀,当我们经历这个经济速度的冲击时,你可能会对新的前景和身体感到高兴,“美妙的水果和重要的蔬菜”让你永远不会回到过去的习惯。 而且,这是一件好事。

So, do yourself a huge favor.  Stop stressing.  Take control of what you CAN and put less focus on what you CAN’T.  Not only will you enjoy the taste of the new, nutritious lifestyle you’ll learn about, you’ll know what to eat and when to eat it to control just about any of your physical challenges.
所以,做一个巨大的帮助。 停止压力。 控制你所能做的事情,把重点放在你不能做的事情上。 您不仅可以享受您将学习的新营养生活方式的味道,还可以知道吃什么以及何时吃它来控制您的任何身体挑战。

Grab your copy now and let the economy take care of itself while YOU take care of YOU.  You’ll be glad you did.  We guarantee it.
现在抓住你的副本,让你经济照顾自己,同时你照顾你。 你会很高兴的。 我们保证。

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