Fast and Powerful Writing 快速而有力的写作

Ever wonder whether you could write a book? Or maybe just an article for a magazine?
有没有想过你是否可以写一本书? 或者也许只是一本杂志的文章?

All it really takes is inspiration. Just a bit of an idea that takes root in your mind.
真正需要的只是灵感。 只是有点想法在你的脑海中扎根。

It’s been said that just about anyone can become a writer.

It truly doesn’t even matter if you’re a lousy speller. And you don’t even have to punctuate any longer. There are computer programs that take care of all that stuff.
如果你是一个糟糕的拼写者,这真的无关紧要。 你甚至不必再打断标点了。 有计算机程序可以处理所有这些事情。

Like most worthwhile things in life it just takes a spark of an idea.

I think you can write even if you think you can’t. See if you can prove me right.


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Have you ever fantasized about writing a novel?  People who are voracious readers often become some of the best authors.  They turn the last page in a book and find themselves thinking, “I could write a book like this!”

Do you find that your job requires you to “stretch” your duties to include writing some kind of operational material?  Along with the economic downturn many employees find they are expected to take up the slack from workers who were terminated.  This happens no matter what their skill set might be.

Have you wondered about writing articles for magazines?  Same thing as the  person above.  Short stories and articles are often the stepping stones to other, more lucrative projects.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are in the right place!  Making the decision is only the beginning.  If your head is swimming with ideas but you don’t know where to begin, you need help.

Getting Started

Knowing WHAT to write is only part of the equation.  What you need is a systematic approach to your writing.  And, you don’t need “theory.” What you require is solid “how to” information presented in a logical manner.

What if I told you that such a resource exists?  What if I told you that you can learn everything you need to know to complete your first project and launch your new avocation or even vocation if you choose?
如果我告诉你这样的资源存在怎么办? 如果我告诉你,如果你选择的话,你可以学到如何完成你的第一个项目并启动新的爱好甚至职业,你会怎么做?

Book 1power

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What if there were a simple way to conduct your research?
  2. What if you were able to create a definitive mind map?
  3. What if there were a way to get more done with less effort?

You CAN and it really is easier than you think.

How Can You Become a Working Author?

First, you need to know where you are going before embarking on your journey. Once you know your destination, you can begin to assemble the necessary tools and components to facilitate the trip.
首先,在开始旅程之前,您需要知道自己的目的地。 一旦了解了目的地,就可以开始组装必要的工具和组件,以方便旅行。

There are different avenues you can traverse to assemble your tools. You can go back to school and spend time and money to obtain a degree that may or may not assure that you will become a working author.
您可以通过不同的途径来组装工具。 你可以回到学校,花时间和金钱来获得可能会或可能不会保证你将成为一名工作作者的学位。

You can search for a writers group in your locale who meets on a regular basis and share information and techniques.  In fact this is a good idea no matter how you obtain your training.
您可以在区域设置中搜索定期会面并共享信息和技术的作家组。 事实上,无论您如何获得培训,这都是一个好主意。

Or, you can read “Fast and Powerful Writing.”

If  you are serious about writing you absolutely must have this powerful tool.

You will be amazed when you crack the digital pages of this mesmerizing book.  Everything you need to know about how to get started unfolds before your very eyes.
当你破解这本令人着迷的书的数字页面时,你会感到惊讶。 你需要知道的关于如何开始的一切都在你眼前展开。