Finding the Purfect Pet! – Your New Cat Guide 找到完美的宠物! – 您的新猫指南

Or not! Selecting a cat is a daunting task and not one to be taken lightly.
或不! 选择一只猫是一项艰巨的任务,而不是一件轻松的事。

Having your child come home dragging a bedraggled kitten by the neck is not the optimal method for selecting a new family member.

However, we have some very good suggestions available that can help you make the decision about whether to own a cat or not.

The best thing to do is begin to investigate the possibilities as soon as you learn that your neighbors cat is having kittens.
It’s a good bet that your child will present you with the scenario we introduced to you above.

Get the jump on the situation and prepare with a puuurfect game plan ahead of time.

You’ll be glad you did!

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Okay, for some reason you have ended up here.  Since this page pertains to owning a cat the odds are pretty good that you are considering becoming a new cat owner.
好的,出于某种原因,你已经到了这里。 由于这个页面属于拥有一只猫的可能性很大,你正在考虑成为一个新的猫主人。

First things first.  There is something that you need to understand from the get go.  You will NEVER own a cat.  However, a cat will very well own YOU!  Also, a cat is NEVER a pet.  It is an integral member of the FAMILY.
首先要做的事情。 从开始就有一些你需要理解的东西。 你永远不会拥有一只猫。 但是,一只猫会非常拥有你! 此外,猫永远不是宠物。 它是家庭的不可分割的成员。

Now that we have that little piece of business taken care of, let’s discuss the details of owning your first cat.  You will never have such a loyal and devoted friend as a cat.  Not that most cats would own up to it if they could speak, it’s the truth.
现在我们已经完成了这个小小的业务,让我们讨论拥有你的第一只猫的细节。 你将永远不会像猫一样拥有这样一个忠诚而忠诚的朋友。 并不是说如果他们能说话,大多数猫都会拥有它,这是事实。

Yes, they do maintain an air of aloofness.  And yes, they may appear a bit haughty at times, but that’s just to make certain that we are on our toes and never forget who is in charge.
是的,他们确实保持着冷漠的气氛。 是的,他们有时可能会显得有些傲慢,但这只是为了确保我们的脚趾,并且永远不会忘记谁负责。

No matter the reasons why you are seeking cat ownership, there are some very specific technical details that you need to consider.  Getting answers to your questions is key to making the right choice.
无论您寻求拥有猫的原因,都需要考虑一些非常具体的技术细节。 获得问题的答案是做出正确选择的关键。

While there are millions of cat owners out there, the details about selection, housing, feeding and healthcare are just as varied.  That is why it’s a good idea to go to an objective source for your education about all things cat-related.
虽然那里有数百万猫主,但选择,住房,喂养和医疗保健的细节也各不相同。 这就是为什么最好找一个关于与猫有关的所有事情的教育的客观来源。

Luckily, you are in the right place.  We ask those burning questions for you and give you the answers in our new guide, “Your New Cat Guide“.  Everything you need to know about selecting and caring for your first cat is included in this comprehensive study.
幸运的是,你在正确的地方。 我们会向您提出这些问题,并在我们的新指南“您的新猫指南”中为您提供答案。 您需要了解的有关选择和照顾您的第一只猫的所有信息都包含在本综合研究中。

You don’t need any special training.  It’s a very easy read.
您不需要任何特殊培训。 这是一个非常容易阅读。

• It doesn’t require a lot of time to get started.
• You can begin preparation as soon as you’ve read the guide.
• Cost is minimal – it’s a real bargain!
•成本极低 – 这是一个真正的便宜货!