Fixer Upper Fortunes固执的上层财富

How To Make HUGE PROFITS With Fixer-Upper Houses Even if You Can’t Swing a Hammer!
如何利用Fixer-Upper Houses赚取巨额利润 即使你不能摇锤!

Is there money to be made by investing in real estate?

Not to worry.  All you have to do is buy his complete set of videos, cassettes, manuals and tons of other worthless paper.  And you are lucky because if you call right away you can get it all for a paltry $3,000  . . .or $1500 or $1000 or whatever the current “real estate guru of the minute” is charging.   Yeah, right
不用担心。 您所要做的就是购买他的全套视频,录音带,手册和大量其他无用的纸张。 而且你很幸运,因为如果你立即打电话,你可以获得一个微不足道的3000美元。。 。或1500美元或1000美元或任何当前的“分钟的房地产大师”正在收费。 是的,对

You bet there is . . . a lot of money!   And you absolutely do not have to trade in your firstborn to learn how to do it. 
你打赌有。。。 很多钱! 而且你绝对不必交易你的长子来学习如何去做。

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What would you do if you had an extra $100,000 every year?  Would you build your dream home?  Drive an exotic sports car?  Go on long vacations?  Give your children the best education?
如果你每年额外支付10万美元,你会怎么做? 你会建立你的梦想家园吗? 驾驶异国情调的跑车? 去度假吗? 给你的孩子最好的教育?

Imagine working whenever you want, and for how long you want. No more traffic jams, no more boss, no more long hours!  You can make it happen
想象一下,只要你想要,你需要多长时间。 没有更多的交通拥堵,没有更多的老板,没有更长的时间! 你可以实现它

What’s the solution?


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The solution is to do what Sal Vannutini has done.  Buy “Fixer-Upper” properties, do some basic “rehab” and sell at a profit.   It’s really quite simple if you know  how.
解决方案是做Sal Vannutini做的事情。 购买“Fixer-Upper”房产,做一些基本的“康复”并以盈利方式出售。 如果你知道如何,这真的很简单。

Hey, if you are looking for some kind of “get rich quick” scheme, then look somewhere else.  But, if you are looking for a solid, secure business venture, then by all means you owe to yourself to take a look at “Fixer-Upper Fortunes.”

Sal teaches you exactly what he did to turn around a $43,969. profit in just 3 weeks time!   Here’s a taste of what you will learn:
Sal告诉你他究竟做了什么来扭转$ 43,469。 仅需3周时间即可获利! 以下是您将学习的内容:

  • The nine costliest mistakes you can make and how to avoid them
  • How to carry out quick rehabs that will add 10% – 20% (or more) instant value to your fixer-upper.
  • How to develop a “game plan” that guarantees your success
  • How to assemble a team of experts that will make you rich
  • The best way to finance your fixer-upper.
  • Why foreclosures are the best way to buy real estate below market value
    如何进行快速复制,为你的固定器 – 鞋面增加10% – 20%(或更多)的即时值。

嘿,如果你正在寻找某种“快速致富”计划,那就看看别的地方。 但是,如果您正在寻找一个稳固,安全的商业企业,那么无论如何您应该自己去看看“Fixer-Upper Fortunes”。

We challenge you to find another instructional manual of this quality at this low price anywhere on the internet.  They just don’t come any better.  Grab your copy now!  You won’t be disappointed!
我们挑战您在互联网上的任何地方以低廉的价格找到这种质量的另一本教学手册。 他们只是没有更好。 抓起你的副本吧! 你不会失望的!