Forbidden Psychological Tactics 禁忌心理战术

How to Use “Psychological Tactics” to Motivate,  Influence, and Persuade People to Open their Wallets
and Give You Money!

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Discover the Amazing Persuasion Secrets that the Authorities Want Banned!
By Dan Lok, The World’s First Quick-Turn Marketer

Imagine knowing how the human mind works… having the power to influence and motivate people at will to buy your products and services… what would that be worth to you?

As you read every word of this web page, you will experience first-hand and quickly discover highly controversial persuasion secrets that will boggle your mind… and the mind of any prospect you target.

I’ll reveal 27 ways you can use psychological tactics to induce people to pull out their credit cards and buy from you – and, more importantly, how you can use these tactics to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales.
我将揭示27种方法,你可以使用心理策略诱使人们拿出信用卡并向你购买 – 更重要的是,你如何使用这些策略来使你的销售额增加一倍,三倍甚至四倍。

How “Forbidden Psychological Tactics” Was Born!

uncovered many of these tactics as a result of my ability to sell a product or service through the power of my words.

I’m a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant known as The Copywriting Whiz Kid and the “father” of Quick-Turn Marketing.
我是直接回复文案和营销顾问,被称为The Copywriting Whiz Kid和Quick-Turn Marketing的“父亲”。

I’ve written hundreds of money-making ads and sales letters for more than 39 industries. Heck, who knows… you may even have been “sold” with some of the irresistible copies I’ve written.
我为超过39个行业写了数百个赚钱的广告和销售信函。 哎呀,谁知道……你甚至可能已经“卖掉”了我写过的一些不可抗拒的副本。

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“Dan Lok tells you critical marketing facts that would take years to learn in the real world. He pulls no punches as he shows you clearly how toseriously increase your profits while sidestepping the many mistakes made by ordinary marketers.”— Jay Conrad LevinsonThe Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books
Over 14 million sold; now in 39 languages
“Dan Lok向您讲述了在现实世界中需要花费数年才能学习的关键营销事实。 他毫不犹豫地向你展示了如何通过回避普通营销人员犯下的许多错误来增加你的利润。“ – Jay Conrad Levinson游击营之父
售出超过1400万; 现在有39种语言
If you’d like to create a huge, electrifying surge in your cash flow, Dan Lok’s Quick-Turn Marketing is an absolute must! It is an encyclopedia ofspecific laser beam strategies of how to market your business NOW.I highly recommend it!”
— Joe Vitale, world famous copywriter, best-selling author of the most influential books on marketing Spiritual Marketing, and Hypnotic Writing, and founder of the renowned The Hypnotic Marketing Institute.
“如果您想在现金流中创造巨大的,激动人心的浪潮,Dan Lok的Quick-Turn营销绝对是必须的! 这是一本关于如何营销你的业务的特定激光束策略的百科全书。我强烈推荐它!“
– Joe Vitale,世界着名的文案撰稿人,最畅销的作品,有关营销精神营销和催眠写作的最有影响力的书籍,以及着名的催眠营销研究所的创始人。
“Dan Lok is to copywriting and marketing what Tiger Woods is to golf, or Donald Trump is to Real Estate! I have never seen anyone write with such impact. He has an extraordinary way of capturing people’s attention through the written word. Dan knows writing AND he knows marketing. Most importantly, he is a man who can do exactly what he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he will – and do it with absolute integrity and honesty. If you want to Make It BIG in business, Dan Lok is your man. He has my highest recommendation.”— Frank McKinney
“The World’s Premier Creator of Oceanfront Multi-Million Dollar Estate Homes”
Best-Selling Author, “Make It BIG!
“Dan Lok将撰写和营销老虎伍兹打高尔夫球,或唐纳德特朗普打击房地产! 我从未见过有人写过这样的影响。 他有一种通过书面文字吸引人们注意力的非凡方式。 丹知道写作,他知道营销。 最重要的是,他是一个能够完全按照自己所说的去做的人,在他说自己愿意的时候做到这一点 – 并以绝对正直和诚实的方式去做。 如果你想在商业上做大事,Dan Lok就是你的男人。 他有我的最高建议。“ – 弗兰克麦金尼
“Dan, you’re amazing! I love your work! I’m so impressed with your wizard-like creative abilities! What you called “killer copy” is truly killer copy! I was fascinated reading it! Fact is…I know it may be my own product, but you wrote such a compelling sales letter that I even want to order it from ME! You’re first class!!!”— Raymond Aaron
Canada’s #1 Business & Investment Coach
Co-Author, “Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul”
“丹,你真棒! 我爱你的工作! 你对你的精灵般的创造能力印象深刻! 你所谓的“杀手抄袭”真是杀手抄袭! 我很着迷读它! 事实是……我知道它可能是我自己的产品,但你写了一封引人注目的销售信,我甚至想从ME订购它! 你是一流的!!!“ – Raymond Aaron
Dan really knows marketing. It’s obvious from the first time you talk to him. Unlike many marketers with ideas of what ‘might’ work, Dan *knows* what will and won’t work, because he has the experience to back it up. Dan also over-delivers like no one else I’ve met. If he says he will give you $1000 worth of advice, you can bet that what he will give you is worth $2,000, $3,000 or more. (If you follow it of course) Dan’s insights into what you need to do to encourage people to buy from you are second to none.To be blunt, if you ignore what he says you might as well go and flush thousands of dollars down the toilet – that’s what you’re losing in sales by not following his advice!”— Jason Anderson
丹真的知道营销。 从你第一次和他说话时就很明显了。 与许多关于“可能”工作的想法的营销人员不同,Dan *知道*什么会起作用,哪些行不通,因为他有经验来支持它。 Dan也像我见过的其他人一样过度交付。 如果他说他会给你1000美元的建议,你可以打赌,他给你的价值是2000美元,3000美元或更多。 (如果你当然遵循它的话)Dan对你需要做些什么以鼓励人们从你这里购买的见解是首屈一指的。坦白说,如果你不理会他说的话你也可以去冲下数千美元。 厕所 – 这就是你不遵循他的建议而在销售中失去的东西!“ – 杰森安德森

Over the years, I studied the ads that achieved record-breaking response. I’ve learned which approaches work, which approaches fail, and — here’s the secret you won’t get anywhere else — WHY they work.
多年来,我研究了取得破纪录回应的广告。 我已经了解了哪些方法有效,哪些方法失败,而且 – 这是你在其他地方无法获得的秘密 – 为什么它们有效。

I’ve Identified 27 Irresistible Emotional Triggers 
That Inspire and Influence People to DESIRE 
Your Product and Service and Consequently BUY it.

I call them – Forbidden Psychological Tactics.

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