Freedom From Smoking 免于吸烟

44 Million People In The US Have Already Given Up Smoking For Good. . .Now It’s YOUR TURN!
美国有4400万人已经戒烟了。。 。现在轮到你了!

It’s easy to quit smoking, I’ve done it hundreds of times!

How many times have you made that comment?  You and millions of others have probably laughed that away on hundreds of different occasions.  Unfortunately, long after the false joviality, the addiction remains.
你有多少次发表评论? 你和其他数百万人可能会在数百个不同场合嘲笑它。 不幸的是,在虚假的快活之后很久,上瘾仍然存在。

Let’s take a closer look at this problem.  Smoking has an injurious effect on almost all body parts.  We know it affects your lungs most adversely and even the most addicted smokers know the risk of cancer.
让我们仔细看看这个问题。 吸烟对几乎所有身体部位都有害。 我们知道它对您的肺部影响最大,即使是最上瘾的吸烟者也知道患癌症的风险。

But, there are other effects that you might not be aware of.

FreedomFromSmoking 2

Here are some of the areas of your body that are affected by smoking.  They cover you from your head to your toes. . .did you know that smoking adversely affects: 
以下是您身体受吸烟影响的部分区域。 它们从头到脚覆盖你。。 你知道吸烟有不利影响:

  • Hair
  • Brain
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Skin
  • Teeth
  • Mouth and Throat
  • Hands
  • Esophagus
  • Respiration and Lungs
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Liver
  • Abdomen
  • Kidneys and bladder
  • Male reproductive system
  • Female reproductive system
  • Bones
  • Blood
  • Immune System
  • Legs and feet





Pretty scary, huh?  Aside from the obvious, I’ll bet parts of that list are real eye-openers.  They sure were for me.  How important to your health and well beingwould it be to uncover some of the hidden effects of smoking?
太可怕了,对吧? 除了显而易见的,我敢打赌,这份名单中的部分内容真是令人大开眼界。 他们肯定是为了我。 如何揭示吸烟的一些隐藏影响对您的健康和幸福有多重要?

“Freedom From Smoking” details what the exact impact is on all the organs listed above and that information serves as a real wake up call!

FreedomFromSmoking Header

The truth is, there is no “pat” answer to this epidemic problem.    The reasons for starting the habit are as wide and diversified as the people who smoke.  It stands to reason, therefore, that the reasons to quit are equally diverse.
事实是,这个流行病问题没有“轻拍”的答案。 开始这种习惯的原因与吸烟的人一样广泛和多样化。 因此,有理由认为,戒烟的理由同样多种多样。

That is why there is no finite, one size fits all cure!  What works for one person may not for another.  There are even methods that you probably have never heard of.  I hadn’t, until I read “Freedom From Smoking!”
这就是为什么没有限制,一种尺寸适合所有治愈! 对一个人有用的可能不适用于另一个人。 甚至有些方法你可能从未听说过。 我没有,直到我读到“免于吸烟!”

What makes this guide different from so many of the “self-help” programs out there, is that Patricia covers all the symptoms and the methodologies for treatment, and she does so in a totally un-biased, non-judgmental manner.

Rather than the normal clinical “harangue,” her information is clear, concise and understandable.   She explores in depth, each of the many treatments that are available, providing the pros, cons and warnings associated with each one of them.
她的信息不是正常的临床“讨论”,而是清晰,简洁和易懂。 她深入探讨了许多可用的治疗方法,提供了与每种方法相关的优缺点和警示。

You will be amazed to discover so many diverse treatment options.

Are you a smoker who REALLY wants to quit?

If you answered that question with a resounding “YES,” you owe it to your friends and loved ones AND most importantly to YOURSELF to get a handle on your addiction.

If you are not a smoker, but someone close to you is, you owe to them to grab a copy of “Freedom From Smoking” today and help them down the path toward total wellness!

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