Guide to Keeping Goats 保持山羊的指南

Raising Goats for Fun and Profit!

Dear Reader,

Unless you are a bit different than most people, you probably never entertained the idea of raising goats for any reason. However, now that you are here, indulge us for a moment or two.
除非你和大多数人有点不同,否则你可能从未接受过以任何理由养山羊的想法。 但是,既然你在这里,请放纵我们一两个小时。

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You might be surprised to learn that as of January 1st of 2011 there are more than 3 million goats being raised in the United States alone.

The reasons given for keeping goats are as varied as the people who own them.  Many families raise goats as pets. Pygmy goats top the list for the most fun for a family with young children.
保持山羊的原因与拥有山羊的人一样多种多样。 许多家庭养山羊作为宠物。 对于有小孩的家庭来说,侏儒山羊是最有趣的。

Raising goats as pets is by no means the primary reason why people own them.  Goat milk, cheese, meat and as pack animals round out a few of the other reasons why people raise goats.
饲养山羊作为宠物绝不是人们拥有它们的主要原因。 山羊奶,奶酪,肉类和包装动物都是人们养山羊的其他几个原因。

If you are considering a goat for any reason, consider the following:

  1. Why do you want to keep goats?
  2. Where do you find a goat to buy?
  3. What facilities should you have in place ahead of time?

Well, you can find the answers to those questions and many more and do it much easier than you may think. 

Okay, since you are still reading this it’s a pretty good bet that you may have more than a passing interest in goats.  In fact, you may have even already begun the search for a goat or two of your own. 
好吧,因为你还在读这个,所以你可能不仅仅对山羊有过一段兴趣,这是一个不错的选择。 事实上,你甚至可能已经开始寻找自己的一两只山羊了。

And, while we applaud your interest, you really need to pursue your education on goat herding before you take the plunge.

Okay, how do you do that?  Where do you get that kind of knowledge?  Glad you asked.  You need our handy little guide called “The Guide to Keeping Goats!”
好的,你是怎么做到的? 你从哪里获得那种知识? 很高兴你问。 你需要我们方便的小导游,名为“守山羊指南!”

and some of the best parts are . . .

  • It isn’t written by some self-proclaimed “expert.” It’s very easy to read.
  • It doesn’t require much time to get the answers you need.
  • Cost of the guide is minimal – you’ll laugh at the price!
    指南的成本很低 – 你会嘲笑价格!

Everything is there to help you understand what kind of commitment is required. A regular gal just like you and me raises goats and is willing to share her knowledge and expertise.  Take a look at what you’ll uncover
一切都可以帮助您了解需要什么样的承诺。 像你我这样的普通女孩养山羊,愿意分享她的知识和专长。 看看你会发现什么

Learn how to select the right breed for you. Find out how to make money with your goats.
Discover why you should have more than one. Feeding your goats and more!
Learn how to select the right breed for you. Find out how to make money with your goats.
Discover why you should have more than one.
Feeding your goats and more!
了解如何为您选择合适的品种。 了解如何通过山羊赚钱。
了解为什么您应该拥有多个。 喂养山羊等等!
了解如何为您选择合适的品种。 了解如何通过山羊赚钱。

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