Guitar Made Easy 吉他变得容易

Guitar 2

Learn To Play Like A Pro In The Privacy of Your Own Home
. . .in just 6 easy lessons 

。。 只有6个简单的课程

Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar, but just didn’t think you had the time to commit? Or maybe you thought you didn’t have the talent? Well, wait no longer. While you may never end up on a concert stage, anyone can learn to play.
你有没有想过弹吉他,但是你觉得你没时间投入? 或许你认为自己没有天赋? 好吧,不要再等了。 虽然你可能永远不会在音乐会舞台上结束,但任何人都可以学习演奏。

Guitar 212

In just 6 easy steps you can quickly learn the secrets to mastering the basics of the guitar. Before you know it, you will learn basic chording, finger conditioning and rhythm. And, as the author says, “the rhythm is goona getcha!”
只需6个简单的步骤,您就可以快速学习掌握吉他基础知识的秘诀。 在您了解它之前,您将学习基本的和弦,手指调节和节奏。 并且,正如作者所说,“节奏是goona getcha!”

Whether you are six or sixty, Guitar Made Easy allows you to learn in the privacy of your own home. No hassle with private tutors or the embarrassment of group classes.
无论您是六六十岁,Guitar Made Easy都可以让您在自己的家中私密学习。 没有私人教师的麻烦或团体课程的尴尬。

With this innovative tool, you’ll quickly learn:

  • Chord Structure
  • Chord Changing
  • Fundamental 4/4 rhythym
  • Handy tips to get the beat rolling
  • 3/4 rhythym structure and practice routine
  • Chords, chords and more chords
  • Common chord combinations and variations
  • Practice songs
  • History and terminology of guitar
  • And Much Much More

More than just the mechanics, the pride of accomplishment that you will experience is priceless! So pull that guitar that you bought a hundred years ago out of the attic.
不仅仅是机械师,你将体验到的成就感是无价之宝! 所以把你一百年前买的那把吉他拉出阁楼。

. . .dust off your dreams and make them come true! You’ll be glad you did. . .we guarantee it!
。。 除掉你的梦想,让它们成真! 你会很高兴的。。 我们保证!

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