Home Staging Domination

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If you are looking for a lucrative new business you owe it to yourself to investigate home staging.

While the economy is in the current slump, homes are still selling. Those homes that are turning over do so because the agents use every avenue available to insure the sale.

One of the “must have” tools is having a designer stage the home for optimum effect.

But, don’t think you have to be a designer to take advantage of this terrific opportunity. What you need is to learn the ins and outs of the “business end” of home staging.

Become a home stager and learn how to dominate your market in 1 year.

Learn how at:

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If you want a high-paying, creative career and have an eye for designed then this book is for you
The book is written for two different groups of individuals interested in a home staging business.  The first group is for designers who are currently running a home staging business.  The second targeted group is individuals who want a home staging business without the burden of storing, moving, and setting up and working with contractors.
The information in this book will help designers to increase the quantity and quality of leads and customers.  It will teach those who do not want the burden of the day-to-day operations how to control the market and find designers who will do the actual work.
The business of home staging has moved from the realm of realtors to work-at-home moms, interior designers and other entrepreneurs.  It has become a very profitable and global business which transforms homes and adds value to the property.
The book defines and teaches you how to develop systems of: lead generations; process, manage and follow up on leads; selling and referrals.  This book will not teach you how to design and/or how to stage.  Its focus is purely on how to develop the steps to a successful home staging business.
The author identifies eleven steps to a successful home staging business and details how to implement each step.  You will learn how to: find your marketing niche; design your company signage; setup your portfolio; get your own website; develop a collection of Realtors’ names and location of Real Estate offices in your area; design marketing materials and develop business forms; how to use a reliable e-mail contact management service; and how to use media to market your business.  The author provides many time tested marketing strategies on how to increase your referrals.
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Along with the eleven steps to success the author provides instructions on effective time lines.  The time lines are presented in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lists.  The author details the tasks for each of these lists and discusses the importance of the lists.
The book provides step by step instructions on how to: prepare presentations for Realtors; how to get insurance for your company, and how to post advertisements on free web sites.  It covers the does and don’ts for meeting potential clients; what to say and how to structure your first meeting.
The book addresses the cost to home staging which includes information on the consultation fees as well as the staging costs.  The author then discusses what to do after the staging and sale of the home.
Along with the eleven steps to success the book provides information on indicators of a high-quality service.  It details how to market and attract high-end clients; why it is important to your business to pursue this clientele; the pros and cons of working with this population; and what extra services might be expected.
There is a chapter dedicated to building relationships for success: what relationships you should form; how to recommend other services to clients and whether there might be additions referral fees.

Chapter 5, “Choosing Designers 101” is written for individuals who do not want the burden of the day-to-day burdens of staging.  This chapter details how to find the designers; how to evaluate and verify their work; the benefits of subcontracting; where to focus your time and energies; setting up an agreement; how best to work with them; how to conduct the actual consultation with the client; how to manage more than one designer; how to find a salesperson and how to determine the commission rate; and what are your responsibilities when working with a designer.
The review of the top nine qualities highlights additional information on great marketing; loyal customers; low overhead; limited debt, recurring revenues; paid in advance; operate with in a niche; keeping it simple; and developing a business that the average person can run.
There is a section containing examples of referral forms, marketing postcards, thank you postcard, and other suggested forms.
In conclusion, the book provides the information, strategies and indicators of a business which will assist you in creating a winning business.


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