How to Build Your Birdhouse

Birdhouse 2
Birdhouse 2

Housing Our Feathered Friends!

If you are someone who loves wild birds how would you like to attract different species to your own back yard?  Just like the movie classic, if you build the right house they will  come.

It’s true.  If you create the right environment for a particular bird it’s as if you sent out engraved invitations to the right birds.  And as any guest, they will welcome your hospitality.

Our environment continues to become degraded with natural habitats for wildlife declining at an alarming rate.  Beginning a hobby that leads to helping our feathered friends to flourish is not only personally rewarding but is also environmentally sound.

What you need to know!

First you must know what birds you would like to attract.  That entails a bit of research.  Fortunately, everything you need to know to develop this hobby is available in “How to Build Your Birdhouse.”

Did you know that every species of bird has special preferences about the type of nest or birdhouse that it will use? Tree swallows, wrens, and bluebirds prefer single unit, enclosed birdhouses.

Bluebirds and tree swallows prefer open areas with fewer shrubs and trees while wrens prefer nesting in boxes close to shrubs. Phoebes and robins like a sheltered platform, rather than closed nest boxes.

Anyone can do it!

Building birdhouses is very easy when you know how and “How to Build Your Birdhouse” makes it child’s play.  Just take a quick look at what is included for you:

  • History of Birdhouses
  • Types of Birdhouses
  • Birdhouses for Different Species
  • Materials Used for Building a Birdhouse
  • Tools Used to Build Your Birdhouse
  • The Tools You Need
  • Specifications for Birdhouses
  • How to Build a Birdhouse
  • Preferences of Your Winged Friends
  • Necessary Precautions When Building Birdhouses
  • Build a Birdhouse from Scraps in Less Than an Hour
  • Painting or Staining Your New Birdhouses
  • How to Paint Birdhouses
  • Materials You Need
  • Cautions When Painting Your Birdhouse
  • How to Attract Birds to Birdhouses
  • Birdhouse Basics – What to Look for in a Birdhouse
  • Choosing the Right Birdhouse
  • Useful Tips for Placing Your Birdhouse
  • Tips for Placing your Birdhouse
  • How Many Birdhouses Should You Have?
  • How to Help Birds Make Their Own Nests
  • Useful Nesting Materials
  • Nesting Behavior of Different Birds
  • Habitat Requirements for Cavity-Nesting Birds
  • How to Hang a Birdhouse
  • Tips for Monitoring and Cleaning Nest Boxes
  • Monitoring and Cleaning Birdhouses
  • Seasonal Monitoring
  • Cleaning the Birdhouses
  • Different Birdhouse Designs
  • Essential Features of Your Birdhouses
  • Directions for Building a Birdhouse
  • Steps for Making a Birdhouse
  • A Birdhouse for Beginners

“How to Build Your Birdhouse” is packed with information about birds and building birdhouses.

Undertaking this new hobby as a family project is a great way to interact with your children. Not only will they learn how to build the birdhouses with you, but will also be contributing to making our world a better place.