Pregnancy From A to Z! 怀孕从A到Z!

Thinking about having a baby? Or maybe you are already pregnant?

考虑生小孩? 或许你已经怀孕了?

Whatever the case may be there’s no doubt that you have questions. Dozens of questions!
无论情况如何,毫无疑问,您有疑问。 几十个问题!

Well, we have answers. Or rather, our medical expert has answers to any and all aspects of pregnancy.
好吧,我们有答案。 或者更确切地说,我们的医学专家可以回答怀孕的任何方面。

This guide truly is “Pregnancy From A to Z.” Did you know that there are things you should know before you become pregnant.

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There is a ton of information in this guide including risk factors, calculating yhour delivery date, the use of anti-D and much more.

There is even an entire chapter dedicated to how you can increase the odds of determining the sex of your baby before hand.

Even if you are not planning on becoming pregnant in the near future, this makes a great gift for someone who is.

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Whether you are trying to get pregnant or are already expecting you no doubt have dozens of questions that you would like to have answered.Written by a medical professional, “Pregnancy From A to Z” is just what the doctor ordered to answer all your questions.                   In fact, it probably has answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet!In the Beginning!“Pregnancy From A to Z” not only discusses the entire aspects of pregnancy, it also sheds light on what you should do before becoming pregnant to insure a healthy and happy child.What’s more is a full chapter discussion about increasing the odds for having a boy or a girl!  No guarantees of course, but there are things you can do to sway the odds in your favor.What we hope you will learn is how to be prepared for what is to come as your pregnancy progresses. Why should you read “Pregnancy From A to Z?”
无论您是想怀孕还是已经怀孕,无疑都有几十个问题需要您回答。由医疗专业人员撰写,“怀孕从A到Z”正是医生要求您回答所有问题的问题。 事实上,它可能有你甚至没有问过的问题的答案!在开始!“怀孕从A到Z”不仅讨论怀孕的整个方面,它还揭示了你在怀孕前应该做些什么 保证一个健康快乐的孩子。更多的是关于增加男孩或女孩的几率的全章讨论! 当然不能保证,但有些事情可以帮助你摆脱对你有利的几率。我们希望你学到的是如何为怀孕的进展做好准备。 为什么要读“从A到Z的怀孕?”