Read and Remember – Faster Reading and Power Recall! 阅读和记住 – 更快的阅读和电力召回!

Every day we wake up to new, innovative tools and a wealth of information to go along with them.

Add social media to the mix and you have a powerful source of new information to digest every day.

Are you keeping up?

Do you recall everything you have read?

How are you staying on top of it all?

Well, the honest answer is that most of us just don’t assimilate all that the world has to offer us on a daily basis.

The downfall of this is the impact it can have on your ability to earn. You can’t get through your workday without being able to read well AND retain all you’ve read.
这可能会对你的收入能力产生影响。 如果没有能够很好地阅读并且保留所有已阅读的内容,您将无法完成工作日。

Well, there is a simple answer and you can find it right here:

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Do you wish you had better reading skills?   It’s a fairly easy question, however the responses can vary significantly. Do you read for pleasure, education or for your job?  How well do you read?
你希望你有更好的阅读技巧吗? 这是一个相当容易的问题,但是响应可能会有很大差异。 你是为了娱乐,教育还是为了工作而阅读? 你读得多好?

Some people read very fast when it’s  for pleasure.  But, their skill level plummets when reading non-fiction.  In today’s world it is absolutely crucial that one reads well.  This is, after all, “the information age.”  And, that point is driven home with a vengeance every time you log on to your computer.
有些人在快乐的时候阅读得非常快。 但是,在阅读非小说时,他们的技能水平直线下降。 在今天的世界中,一个人阅读得非常重要。 毕竟,这就是“信息时代”。而且,每次登录计算机时,这一点都会带回家。

Reading well and reading fast are no longer just an option.  There isn’t a job that isn’t somehow tied to reading.  Even some of the lesser skilled positions that used to be purely labor intensive now require that the employee can read and do it well.
阅读得好,快速阅读不再只是一种选择。 没有一份工作与阅读无关。 即使是一些过去纯粹劳动密集型的技能较低的职位现在要求员工能够阅读并做得很好。

What if there were a way to instantly boost your reading skills?  What if you could tear down some of the self-imposed barriers you may have created for yourself and improve your employment situation?
如果有办法立即提高你的阅读技巧怎么办? 如果你能够摧毁你为自己创造的一些自我施加的障碍并改善你的就业状况怎么办?


Well, there is a way to accomplish that and much more.  And, it needn’t require returning to school.  It also won’t include having to put up your youngest child as collateral, because our proposal is very cost effective.
嗯,有一种方法可以实现这一目标以及更多。 并且,它不需要返回学校。 它也不包括必须将您最小的孩子作为抵押品,因为我们的提议非常具有成本效益。

How can we do that?

Does it sound impossible? Well, not only is it possible but we also guarantee your success.  We can give you a blueprint on how to increase your reading skills and discover how to read with speed and retain what you have read.
听起来不可能吗? 嗯,这不仅是可能的,而且我们也保证您的成功。 我们可以为您提供一个蓝图,说明如何提高您的阅读技能,并发现如何快速阅读并保留您所阅读的内容。

This blueprint is our guide called, “Faster Reading and Power Recall.”  And guess what?

•You don’t need any training. It’s a very easy read.
•It doesn’t require a lot of time to get started.
•You can begin as soon as you’ve read the guide.
•Cost is minimal – it’s a real bargain!
您不需要任何培训。 这是一个非常容易阅读。
•成本极低 – 这是一个真正的便宜货!

What you will learn

Learn how health affects your reading..
Find out about “skimpy reading”..
Discover how to use a focus point..
Lower your sub-vocalization..
Uncover the limits of fast reading..
Know the reasons are for low results..
Be open to understanding that speed is not everything..