Scrapbooking Life’s Great Moments 剪贴生活的伟大时刻

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Have you caught the bug yet?  The scrapbooking bug, that is.   It’s literally sweeping the country and if you’ve wondered if it’s something you would like to learn you’re definitely in the right place.
你抓到了这个bug了吗? 剪贴簿错误,即。 它真的席卷全国,如果你想知道它是否是你想要学习的东西,你肯定是在正确的地方。

The only deScrapbooking 2cision you need to make is how to get started.  There are scrapbooking classes held in many communities around the country.  The challenge with enrolling in a class is scheduling.  Most of us have little free time and frankly don’t want to spend it away from home.
您需要做出的唯一决定是如何开始。 全国许多社区都有剪贴簿课程。 注册课程的挑战是安排。 我们大多数人没有空闲时间,坦率地说,不想把它从家里带走。


That’s where “Scrapbooking – Life’s Great Moments” comes in.  You won’t find a more comprehensive guide to creating beautiful works of art.  Learn how to create timeless treasures that your friends and family will cherish for years, even generations to come.
这就是“Scrapbooking – Life’s Great Moments”的用武之地。你不会找到更全面的指南来创造美丽的艺术作品。 了解如何创造永恒的宝藏,让您的朋友和家人多年来珍惜,甚至是后代。

“Scrapbooking – Life’s Great Moments” reveals insider secrets and tips to spare yourself hours of frustration and costly mistakes. 
“Scrapbooking – Life’s Great Moments”揭示了内幕消息和秘诀,让您免受数小时的挫折和代价高昂的错误。