Singing Like a Canary – You & Your Canary

Do you remember your old ganster movies? If you do, you know that is a piece of slang that referred to
criminals that ratted out their crime bosses or fellow criminals.

We aren’t here to teach you how to become a criminal. No way!

But, we are here to talk to you about canaries!

If you have ever given any thought to having a canary
as a pet, we have just the tool for you.

Did you know that there are different types of canaries?


That they require much less care than other birds, especially those considered

You really can’t go wrong with having a canary as a pet and you can learn all about it at:

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That headline might be a bit misleading but only if you were tattling on someone else’s illegal activity.  It was a phrase that old-time criminals often used to describe how one person incriminates another to authorities.

Also, another phrase carries unpleasant correlation.  That has to do with “canaries in a coal mine!”  As recently as the the 1980’s some miners in the U.K. still used canaries to make sure the air in a mine was breathable.

That particular practice was ended in 1986 when more than 200 birds were phased out of Britain’s mining pits.  The government found that modern technology is more favorable than using birds to detect harmful gases.

These adorable little birds have been among the most most popular pets for a very long time.  Now, you can find out why people who have these creatures as companions say there are real advantages to having a canary as a pet.

Canaries require much less care then many other exotic birds.  They are lively and their antics can keep you occupied for hours at a time.  They are colorful and their play is fun to watch.